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Corner of the victory road with the first street Abbas Akkad - Nasr City - Cairo

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The Workers' University shall receive its students through the Coordination Office of the Ministry of Higher Education. The examinations shall be conducted under the supervision of the Education Sector of the Ministry and the results and certificates shall be reviewed by the Central Administration of Technical Education. The labor university has eleven branches in the governorates of Egypt and we have the material and human resources that are preparing these numbers, as well as a protocol of cooperation with the Supreme Council of Universities to strengthen the human potential. The job market is witnessed by our graduates, where we are followed by offers from companies to recruit our graduates who have a Bachelor of Quality Control and Bachelor of Business Administration. We have letters of thanks from different work sites to confirm the quality of the graduates from the workers' university. The workers 'university aims mainly at the graduation of labor and union cadres by joining the workers from the factories and the production sites for study. When the scholarships were canceled, they went out of their basic and main course and the status for which the workers' university was established. 1. Republican Decree No. 156 of 1985 establishing the Workers' University. 2. Decision of the Board of Directors of the Cultural Cultural Foundation No. 11 of 1994 to establish the technological development and industrial relations divisions of the Workers' University. 3. Ministerial Resolution No. 1600 of 1994 establishing the technological development and industrial relations divisions of the Workers' University and the acceptance of workers in the production sites (the system of missions). 4. Ministerial Resolution No. 1711 of 1994 regarding the admission of newly graduated students to the people of the Workers' University. 5. Ministerial Resolution No. 1464 for the year 1998 to complete the second phase (bachelor) for students graduates of the first stage of the technological development department. 6. Ministerial Resolution No. 1042 for the year 1998 to complete the second phase (bachelor) for students graduates of the first stage of the Industrial Relations Division. 7. Ministerial Resolution No. 4927 of 2011, which provides for the admission of students who have obtained the secondary school with its two divisions and commercial technical certificates and the equivalent of technical certificates (industrial and agricultural) to the Industrial Relations Division. It is clear from this that successive ministerial decisions were aimed at developing the Workers' University by adding the academic education sector as a basic and basic subject of the university's competencies. Since the workers' university is one of the sectors of the workers' cultural institution, it is of a different nature from the other colleges and institutes. It relies on its financial resources on students' fees and some credits allocated to it by the Ministry of Manpower and Immigration and the General Union of Trade Unions. The study consists of two stages: Two years of study Students who pass the diploma above the average specialization of mechanical or electrical technology for the Technology Division or above-average diploma Industrial Relations The student obtains a bachelor's degree in quality control or Bachelor of Business Administration after passing the period of study scheduled at the university, which is four years of study The academic year is divided into a two-track system or two separate exams, in addition to a degree resulting from the academic activity, ie the attendance rate and the research presented. This type of evaluation is called the "work of the year". The university is a joint university for male and female students. The student is entitled after the second year to enter the Faculty of Engineering with a grade of excellence and some different colleges such as education, fine arts and others. Vision and Mission Within the framework of the role played by the development of the Egyptian economy and the promotion of growth in the field of management and industry, the University graduates students with a Bachelor of Commerce degree in Business Administration equivalent to the Bachelor of Commerce in Egyptian universities, which allows registration in graduate studies in universities and registration in the trade union Commercials  In the field of industry, the university graduates students with a Bachelor of Quality Control, and we note in this regard that the University of workers is unique in this specialization at the level of Egyptian universities,  It provides students with the opportunity to obtain employment in the field of industry due to this rare specialization in support of the Egyptian industry at home and abroad The Workers' University is the only one with a high quality observer specialization The Labor University is the second largest university in Egypt in terms of number of branches  The labor university has many workshops and modern laboratories The workers' university has members of the faculty of higher scientific competence. The Labor University is considered the lowest financial value in Egypt The University is the most important university in the recruitment of students directly after graduation according to the protocols of cooperation between the university and the various factories at the level of Egypt Rules of admission to the labor university The University Council accepts the number of students in all its divisions. It also determines the date of commencement of studies, the end of exams and the dates of examinations. The Ministry of Higher Education shall be informed of the dates in order to supervise the exams. . Documents required upon submission 1- The general secondary certificate or its equivalent (original) or a statement of grades. 2- A birth certificate or an official extract thereof. 3 - the number of 6 personal photos talking 4 × 6 4- The national ID card and a copy thereof 5 - Form 2 staff from the post office (for male students under the age of 19). 6 - Military card from the police department (for male students over the age of 19) 7- A student who is over the age of 21 must prove his position on recruitment (for male students). Transfers to the Workers' University           Transfers are accepted from the corresponding colleges and institutes provided by the Coordination Office of the Ministry of Higher Education. medical examination           The medical examination shall be signed on the students admitted to the University of Labor through the medical administration of the university with the provision of specialized permanent clinics and agreements to treat students in some of the distinctive hospitals with the provision of ambulances equipped with emergency.   Rules of transformation and re-enrollment New Students (W / D Commercial / Industrial) The transfer will be by the nomination card and a copy of the student's success form. Students enrolled in other institutes (private institute) are referred to as a state of the institute, deliberately stamping the republican logo from the Ministry of Higher Education, in accordance with the minimum admission of the workers' university and its branches in the year of obtaining the qualification. Students enrolled in other institutes (government institute) are transferred through the Ministry of Higher Education. Students wishing to re-enroll (the first group) to submit the nomination card or to reveal the coordination or the form of approval to be transferred by the Ministry of Higher Education. Students who did not apply to the Coordination Office should go to the Ministry of Higher Education Students who are dismissed from different colleges or institutes or Azhar go to the Ministry of Higher Education for students in Cairo. Students of the branches receive their papers and send them to the headquarters. Through a delegate to end their transfers without any amounts of them.

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