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Abdel Moneim Riad Street, El Monofeya

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Sadat City University, an Egyptian government university based in Sadat City, northwest of Greater Cairo, was established by the Republican Decree on 25 March 2013. It was initially established as a branch of Menoufia University. Educational establishments The University of Sadat City has 8 colleges in Sadat City: Faculty of Physical Education (Boys, Girls), founded in 1993 (26 years ago). College of Tourism and Hotels, established in 1997 (22 years ago). Faculty of Veterinary Medicine, founded in 1997 (22 years ago). Faculty of Commerce, founded in 2000 (19 years ago). Faculty of Law, founded in 2001 (18 years ago). Faculty of Education, founded in 2001 (18 years ago). Faculty of Pharmacy, founded in 2016 (3 years ago). College of Early Childhood Education, founded in 2017 (two years ago). It also includes two graduate research institutes: Institute of Genetic Engineering and Biotechnology Research, established in 1995 (24 years ago). Institute of Environmental Studies and Research, founded in 2005 (14 years ago). University facilities Hospitals The University has 2 hospitals in Sadat City affiliated to the Faculty of Veterinary Medicine: Obstetrics and Reproductive Hospital and Artificial Insemination. Hospital of Internal and Infectious Diseases. University Cities Sadat City has three university cities, one for males and two for females. It works around the clock to serve students under the direct supervision of the university. Other installations The public service center, located in the first residential area in Sadat City. Vision Sadat City University is an international leader and a model for the production of knowledge and its applications the message "Sadat City University is committed to preparing a graduate who meets the needs of the labor market locally, through educational, research and community services that encourage innovation and excellence in the framework of continuous development" Objectives 1. The University of Sadat City seeks to emerge as a distinct knowledge entity in the next two decades, developing its ties throughout Egypt, the Arab world, Africa and the world in general.   2. It aims to achieve excellence in all its educational programs, research activities and community services, and to be the most distinguished university institution (leader / pioneer) in the Arab world in areas related to the specificity of its role as a knowledge-based organization and the specificity of its geographical location and economic region, A major outlet for industry and incubator for a large proportion of the industrial facilities in Egypt, and related to the Sahara desert and promising development is in the desert and valley. And by virtue of being a university serving a large group of Egyptian people with distinct characteristics characterized by openness to the cultures of others, tolerance and acceptance of the other and the readiness for constructive dialogue and exchange of ideas.   3. The University strives to preserve its historical distinction in the various fields of human, educational, commercial, agricultural, medical, engineering and legal sciences and those that contribute to social, human and institutional development, and contribute to the continuity of development and urban renewal of its region. Other knowledge that lies in its territory and vital constituencies. University values The University of Sadat City adopts a number of values ​​that are instilled in its students, employees and pioneers Sadat City University is a small committed community, in which the values ​​of diversity, innovation and transparency are integrated in order to achieve sustainability of excellence locally, regionally and globally. These values ​​entrench the identity of the university and the commitment of knowledge to improve the personal level and social progress.    Quality and Excellence We strive to be the best in everything we do in the field of teaching, practical research, creativity, community service, and serving each other in our daily life.  Justice and Integrity To achieve the principles of social justice, equality of opportunity and cultural diversity, commitment to the highest standards of honesty, respect and ethics of the profession, and adherence to the principles of academic integrity, including accountability and honesty.  Diversity  In addition to the values ​​of excellence, accountability and responsibility, we are quick to embrace the values ​​of diversity as a means to enhance all our activities and fulfill the University's mission.  Respect Respect helps us to understand the unique talents and contributions of everyone in the university community to promote diverse perspectives. The University has built to respect personal dignity and individual potential constantly, making it ready to receive students and help them to succeed.  Lifelong learning Learning for Life encourages us to seek knowledge and truth throughout our lives by improving our society and ourselves, which enhances our understanding of each other.

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