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University of Damietta


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New Damietta - 4th District

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The idea of ​​opening classes for some faculties of Damietta University was established when the number of Mansoura University students increased from different Damietta colleges. The decisions of establishing the faculties of the branch were issued in accordance with the corresponding colleges regulations at Mansoura University. The Faculty of Education started in 1976-1977. Science and Commerce in the academic year 1985-1986 followed by the Faculty of Specific Education in the year 1990-1991 and then the Faculty of Applied Arts in 2004-2005, the faculties of Agriculture, Arts and Physical Education in the academic year 2006-2007. In 2007, Presidential Decree No. 276 was issued for the establishment of Mansoura University branch in Damietta. The branch was supervised by Prof. Dr. Mohamed Sweilem El Bassiouni, Vice President of Mansoura University for Education and Students Affairs until the decision of Professor Dr. Prime Minister No. 141 dated 17/1/2008, Appointed Mr. Dr. Beshri Abdulmoumen Abdel Hamid as the first Vice President of Mansoura University for Damietta Branch Affairs. Three faculties are located in one campus in Al-Aasar district in Damietta city. They are faculties of applied arts, literature and agriculture. The other five colleges are located in various places in the new city of Damietta. They are faculties of science, education, trade, quality education and sport education. In July 2012, the Republican Decree No. 19 of 2012 was issued establishing Damietta University, based in the new city of Damietta The new university site (190 acres) were allocated for the establishment of Damietta University campus. 150 feddans have been received and the rest of the area has been completed. A process has been put in place for the construction of the university wall and the main and secondary gates in a tender between the specialized companies. An official competition has been announced in the official newspapers about the design of a scheme for the University of Damietta. The importance of the site New Damietta is characterized by its unique location on the international road linking it with the provinces of Dakahlia Kafr El Sheikh - Lake - Port Said - Canal area. The environment surrounding Damietta University is characterized by its sources and natural, industrial and tourist resources, which reflects the important role that Damietta University can offer due to the wide diversity of economic and natural resources in this region and the required preparation of professional and technical cadres. Former university presidents Prof. Dr. Mamdouh Abdel-Moneim Soufan --- Chairman of the University since its inception 7-2012 until 9-2012 Prof. Dr. Talaat Mohamed Sahloul --- Vice-President of the University from 9-2012 until 3-2013 Prof. Mamdouh Abdel Moneim Soufan, President of the University from 3-2013 until 21/9/2013 Prof. Dr. Fathy Hamayel, Vice-President of the University from 22/9/2013 until 6-7-2014 Prof. Mohamed Mohamed Refaat El-Bassiouny, Vice-President of the University from 7/7-2014 until 19/9-2014 Prof. Dr. Ramadan Abdel-Hamid Mohamed El-Tantawy --- President of the University from 20-9-2014 to 31-7-2016 Prof. Dr. Mamdouh Mohamed Ahmed Neemat Allah --- Vice-President of the University from 1-8-2016 to 26/8/2017 Prof. Dr. Mohamed El Sayed Dador --- President of the university from 1-8-2016 till now University vision In the coming years, Damietta University will look forward to a distinguished position in education and scientific research and lead in providing specialized professional and technical services to various sectors of society. University Message Damietta University aims to provide a variety of educational programs, research and community services of high quality in accordance with national quality standards to prepare a distinguished graduate with a competitive ability to contribute to the sustainable development of society in the framework of ethical and university values ​​and the preservation of national identity. University Goals Complete the construction of the university Developing new colleges and programs and developing existing educational programs according to quality standards. Develop graduate programs and scientific research to achieve the aspirations of the beneficiaries and the surrounding society Maximizing the benefit of community service and environmental development; to maximize the cooperation with the various institutions of society to develop the university's own resources. Rehabilitation of university colleges and programs for accreditation according to national quality standards Mechanization of educational, student, research, administrative and all university activities Raise the efficiency of institutional performance to increase the competitiveness of the university University faculties Faculty of Education College of Science Commerce College college of Literature faculty of Agriculture College education quality Faculty of Physical Education Faculty of Applied Arts College of Engineering college of Law Faculty of Archaeology

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