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27 Galal Qoreitem Sq., Behind Damanhour Stadium, Damanhour City

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Initially, the Damanhour branch of the University of Alexandria, which was aimed at completing the necessary components for the establishment of the University of Damanhur on scientific and economic basis During the adoption of the idea of ​​unified scientific departments as well as the economic management of the university and the addition of new colleges in Damanhour branch continued for more than a quarter of a century since its inception  In the late 1970s until 2006, the number of faculties is no more than four faculties (Education, Agriculture, Arts, Commerce) until the republican decisions were issued  (Science - Nursing - Veterinary Medicine) and the decisions of the University Council to establish branches of some of its colleges in Damanhour: (Pharmacy - Riyadh - Children - Rights) from the academic year 2007/2008. faculty of Agriculture :  The Faculty of Agriculture started in the academic year 1983/1984 and then became independent by issuing the Presidential Decree No. 507 of 1988. college of Literature :  The Faculty of Arts was established in Damanhour in 1984 as a natural extension of the Faculty of Arts - Alexandria University until the Republican Decree No. 507 of 1988 was issued by the Faculty of Arts in Damanhour. Faculty of Education :  The Faculty of Education was inaugurated in 1979/1980 and the Republican Decree No. 507 of 1988 was issued to establish the Alexandria University branch in Damanhour. Commerce College :  Republican Decree No. 507 of 4 December 1988 was issued to establish the Damanhour Faculty of Commerce. Faculty of Nursing :  Decree No. 267 of 2006 establishing the Faculty of Nursing in Damanhour. Faculty of Science: The Faculty of Sciences was established in Damanhour by Presidential Decree No. 87 of 27 March 2007, corresponding to 8 Rabie Al Awal 1428H. College of Veterinary Medicine :  A Republican decree was issued to establish the Faculty of Veterinary Medicine at Alexandria University - Damanhour Branch No. 87 on 28 March 2007. Kindergarten School : The branch of the Faculty of Kindergarten was opened in Alexandria University in Damanhour in 2008-2009. faculty of Pharmacy :  In its meeting held in September 2008, the Alexandria University Council approved the opening of a branch of the Faculty of Pharmacy in Damanhour. Finally, President Hosni Mubarak issued on 26/10/2010 a presidential decree establishing the University of Damanhour Alexandria in Damanhour The colleges affiliated to this branch, which was canceled to the University of Damanhour, where the decision of the President of the Republic to include the University 12 colleges: (Arts, Commerce, Agriculture, Education, Nursing, Science, Veterinary Medicine, Pharmacy, Kindergartens, Medicine, Dentistry, Engineering) In addition to "Institute of Graduate Studies and Environmental Research College Vision "To be the Faculty of Commerce - Damanhour branch of the outstanding colleges in the field of education, training, scientific research and community service in the economic and commercial fields at the local, regional and international levels, thus contributing to the comprehensive development in Egypt" College Message The mission of the college is in line with the mission of the university and the Ministry of Higher Education. It aims to provide educational, research and training programs according to the approved quality standards. This will contribute to the preparation of graduates and administrative cadres that meet the needs of the labor markets and serve the surrounding society. In the scientific, knowledge, skills and values ​​of graduates of the college. strategic goals 1. The numbers of graduates distinguished scientific, skilled and valuable able to compete in the labor markets locally, regionally and internationally 2. Developing the skills and abilities of the faculty members, the supporting body and the administrative system at the college 3. Excellence in scientific research and training programs and contribute to solving the problems of the surrounding society 4. Improving and developing the applied abilities of graduates 5. Establish strong relations and links to academic cooperation with the corresponding colleges locally, regionally and globally, which will be reflected in upgrading the methods and policies of commercial education. 6. Contribute to the preparation of investment map in the lake and provide consultancy services, research and feasibility studies for various projects. 7. Providing access to higher education in the field of finance and business through the system of education in open education, which is reflected in the service and development of the surrounding environment. College Strategy Qualifying for accreditation locally and internationally during the next five years through establishing and activating a quality assurance system to achieve the following objectives: 1-numbers for the application of credit hours 2. Characterization of programs and courses 3 - Continuous assessment of the requirements of the educational process and its outputs 4 - Follow up developments in the labor market and its requirements 5. Develop training programs, workshops, conferences and symposia 6 - Develop a mechanism for the marketing of applied research and consulting provided by the College to serve and develop the community 7 - Developing and activating the communication system between faculty members and students in faculty and among other colleges locally and internationally Student Forums The student network was established to open a forum for entertainment (Ntaf Free) and then realized that the establishment of the student network (paid range) on the basis of service and entertainment together through a complete network, whether on social networking sites or other, and the network provides students with many services such as tables of lectures and exams and lectures written (Video or audio), the scouts, summaries of the curricula, a picture library for the college, seating numbers, examination results, and many other student services alongside interactive and recreational subjects

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