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University of Aswan


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University of Aswan - Desert City - Airport Road

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History of the University The branch of Aswan University was established in 1974 as a branch of the University of Assiut. The study began in October 1973-1974 at the Faculty of Education. The first bachelor degree was awarded in 1978. Then began the enrollment of the Master Degree in the Faculty of Science in the academic year 1977 - 1978. He then began his Ph.D. in 1977-1978. In 1995, Presidential Decree No. (23) for the year 1995 was issued establishing the South Valley University. Accordingly, the university branch became affiliated to the South Valley University. Other faculties were established (Arts, Social Work and Engineering). In 2012, the University of Aswan was established as a government university at the time of the issuance of the Republican Decree No. (311) on (2012). The University has 18 colleges (College of Arts, College of Education, College of Science, College of Social Work, College of Engineering, Faculty of Energy Engineering, Faculty of Veterinary Medicine, Faculty of Agriculture, College of Nursing, Faculty of Medicine, College of Fisheries Technology and Fisheries, College of Commerce The Faculty of Physical Education, the Faculty of Specific Education, the College of Dar Al-Ulum and the Faculty of Archeology). It also includes two institutes, namely the Nursing Institute, the Institute of African Research and Studies and the Nile Basin Countries. The main campus is located in the city of Aswan Sahara in Airport Road, and the University of Aswan distinct because it serves the largest geographical area in Egypt where the University's area of ​​400 acres in addition to the university campus in the new city of Aswan 98.5 acres. It includes (6) university headquarters and (6) university cities in Aswan city and center. Vision The University's vision is to become one of the outstanding public universities in education, culture, scientific research and sources of knowledge. It also looks forward to recognizing its education, scientific research, creative activity and public services, as well as achieving, renewing and preparing education from a global perspective. the message The University is committed to providing the best educational opportunities and research services to students and the larger community, with a level of quality that matches regional and international standards. The University is committed to creating an educational environment and a research-based education that encourages students to make the most of their efforts and to graduate graduates with experience and qualifications who can adapt to changing circumstances. The University is also committed to contributing to improving the quality of human resources in the South Valley region to meet the unique needs of this community. We are also committed to achieving excellent, advanced and sustainable cooperation that benefits us and our partners in education, business and social services. Goals  We are committed to ensuring high-level education, continuous development, and the acquisition of community confidence in our graduates, whose level is consistent with recognized global standards.  Stimulate excellence and innovation by providing students and faculty members with appropriate advanced academic programs.  Create a modern database in the service of students and faculty members and administrative staff to raise the efficiency of education and scientific and administrative research  Invest in training of academic staff on modern technology in teaching and modern methods in scientific research and education.  Investment in the training of administrative cadres on technology and modern methods in management.  Providing attractive and safe conditions and good preparation for cooperation in education and scientific research.  Provide a security system to care for and support students and provide a variety of cultural and leadership opportunities to demonstrate the ability to lead, nurture and develop our students and the region.  Create a website to facilitate and stimulate communication.  Develop a system to measure and evaluate the disease to become a base for continuous development.  Strengthen the units of a special nature to become consulting houses in the service of the business community and to achieve income necessary to support the plans for sustainable development of the University.  Attracting and maintaining outstanding cadres and providing programs for their development at all levels.  Stimulate and reward excellence in scientific research and creative fields.  To play a leading role in sending an environmental culture through an active policy towards the environment. Colleges College of Fisheries Technology and Fisheries Commerce College Faculty of Social Work college of Literature Faculty of Education College of Engineering Faculty of Energy Engineering College of Veterinary Medicine Faculty of Nursing College of Al Alsun faculty of Agriculture Faculty of medicine college of Law Faculty of Physical Education College education quality Faculty of Archaeology Faculty of Dentistry...

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