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16047 , 02/25247981

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First Corniche El Maadi - behind the Nile Hospital in Darwey

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Thebes Academy The Taiba Academy was established in 1995 in line with the Egyptian government's policy to promote private higher education. The academy has three higher institutes  Higher Institute of Management Technology and Information Thebes Higher Institute of Management & Information Technology Taiba Academy Street, Saqqara Road, Haram, Giza  Higher Institute of Computer and Administrative Sciences Thebes Higher Institute of Computer & Management Sciences First Corniche of Maadi - Cairo  Higher Institute of Engineering Thebes Higher Institute of Engineering First Corniche of Maadi - Cairo All diplomas awarded by the academic institutions are equivalent to the bachelor's degree awarded by the Egyptian universities. Academic certificates allow registration in trade unions. Academic degrees allow for postgraduate studies in Egyptian and foreign universities. Our academic thought came to prepare the Egyptian man for the right preparation to be able to make the future. It is not only the proper preparation for teaching the usual sciences and courses but also the teaching of modern science posed by the challenges of the next century: computer science and information systems, business administration, electronics engineering and communications, architecture, not just lectures, To the Academy's students in various institutions, banks, hotels and factories in order to familiarize students with the real environment of work and the actual practice of what they learn in the lecture hall. The Academy offers study programs in accordance with the credit system (American course system) to provide the highest degree of flexibility in determining the scientific path of the student and the formation of his interests in accordance with his abilities and tendencies. Building our human mission .. and the vision of the future governs all our trends .. And the promotion of good values ​​and good behaviors pioneered. The God of the intent behind it is the intention of giving way Professor Mohamed Afifi President of the Taiba Academy President of Al Nahda University        Good academic message Taiba Academy is a leading non-profit organization  Its mission is to build scientific, creative and cultural students and nurture talents  To prepare a graduate capable of competing locally and globally through excellent educational, research and activity services.  General objectives of the Academy An innovative and modern graduate with a well-rounded personality capable of leadership.  Uphold values ​​and ideals and fuel national spirit.  A leading position of the Academy in the education system locally and internationally.  A civilized society and a developed environment

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