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+2 3317928 040 /+2 3317929 040

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Tanta - El Guish Street - Arab Republic of Egypt

about Tanta University

• Tanta University is an Egyptian university based in Tanta, Gharbia • I became a university in 1972, after being a branch of the University of Alexandria since its establishment under Presidential Decree No. 1468 of 1962, which stipulated the establishment of the Faculty of Medicine in Tanta. • The number of faculties of the university is currently 13 colleges and technical institutes - human sciences, science, education, commerce, pharmacy, dentistry, arts, law, nursing, engineering, agriculture, physical education, and the Technical Institute for Nursing. This was followed by the establishment of the faculties of science and education in Tanta and agriculture in Kafr El-Sheikh in 1969. Such as the year 1972, a milestone in the history of the University of Tanta in the issuance of Law No. 49 of 1972, which in the paragraph (a.H) on the establishment of the University of Central Delta in Tanta and then changed the name later in 1973 to become the University of Tanta and thus become the fifth university in the Arab Republic of Egypt after the universities of Cairo Alexandria, Ain Shams and Assiut. The establishment of the faculties of the university until the number of 18 colleges, including 12 in Tanta and 6 branches of the university in Kafr El Sheikh, where the Faculty of Commerce was established in 1973. Menoufia University was separated and the Faculty of Arts was established in the same year. The Faculty of Pharmacy, Dentistry and Engineering was established in 1976, Faculty of Education Branch Kafr El-Sheikh in 1977. The Faculty of Law was established in 1980. The Faculty of Specific Education was established in 1989 and was affiliated to the Ministry of Education. It joined the University of Tanta by Republican Decree No. 329 of 1998. The College of Engineering started its studies in 1991 and the same branch was established in the same year. The College of Agriculture and the branch of the Faculty of Arts was established in Kafr El-Sheikh in 1993. The Faculty of Physical Education was established in 1994 and the study began in the Faculty of Physical Education at the University branch in Kafr El-Sheikh in 1997. On 29/4/2000, the Higher Institute of Nursing in Tanta was transferred to the Faculty of Nursing in Tanta and added to nursing colleges in Egypt. Kafr El-Sheikh branch was separated from the University of Tanta in August 2006 under the name of Kafr El-Sheikh University where Tanta University played the pivotal role in establishing this nascent university. The number of faculties of the university is currently 13 colleges and technical institutes followed by 28 units of a special nature. University vision Tanta University seeks to distinguish locally, regionally and internationally and to be a leader in the fields of education, learning, scientific research, community service and environmental development University Message Tanta University is keen to build an effective academic environment through the continuous development of academic programs for many disciplines in light of the requirements of development plans and to meet the needs of students knowledge and skills in the context of community values ​​and traditions as well as provide educational opportunities and professional development of graduates in various sectors to keep up with progress and achieve the aspirations of the labor market. The University also undertakes to provide the elements of innovation in various fields of scientific research, serious methodology for the development of science and knowledge, sustainable development and solving social problems.

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