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Suez - El Salam City (1), Cairo - Suez Road

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Suez University was established to serve the society of Suez, Sinai, the Red Sea, the Suez Canal in particular and the Arab Republic of Egypt in general, by Presidential Decree No. 193 of 2012 establishing the University of Suez on the components of the Suez Canal University branch in Suez, and started six faculties and includes the university as of the academic year 2016/2017 Twelve College and the total number of students (12354). College of Petroleum and Mining Engineering: Established as a high institute of petroleum and mining in 1961. Faculty of Education: Established in 1981. College of Industrial Education: Established in 1995. Faculty of Commerce: Established in 2006. Faculty of Science: Established in 2007. Faculty of Fisheries: Established in 2009. Faculty of Arts: Established in 2014 Faculty of Politics and Economics: Established in 2015 Faculty of Computers and Information: Established in 2016 Faculty of Media and Communication Technology: Established in 2017 Faculty of Human Medicine: Completing the material and human resources College of Engineering: Completing the material and human resources The Technical Institute for Nursing is being established. The University's Future Plan for Establishing Colleges: The university plans to establish new colleges, including the completion of the medical complex, including the Faculty of Medicine, College of Pharmacy, College of Dentistry, Faculty of Physiotherapy, and Faculty of Nursing, as well as the University Hospital. In light of the national responsibility for the reconstruction of Sinai, the University has opened classes for the Faculty of Education and classes of the Faculty of Arts in Sinai as a nucleus for the establishment of the university branch in South Sinai Governorate. Objectives of the University Preparation of human cadres specialized in the field of science and modern knowledge with interest in the applied fields, especially in the fields of various sciences, including energy science New and renewable in the Mediterranean Sea and the Red Sea extending to the Arabian Gulf through Bab al-Mandab To qualify students to work in different fields and to give them qualified degrees such as (Bachelor's and Bachelor's degrees in these fields) Conducting basic and applied research related to previous fields and granting high grades in them The service of the environment and society and the opening of training areas to prepare different scientific levels to work on the development of the Suez Canal area Cooperation with scientific institutions, national bodies and similar Arab and international universities Exchange programs, students and professors, especially in the Mediterranean Basin University vision The vision of the university is to meet the challenges and global changes and keep pace with this technology in addition to meet the needs of the community and push the locomotive development and aspire to be a beacon of science and scientific research and community participation in Egypt and the world. University Message The University of Suez is a leading scientific educational institution within the constellation of Egyptian public and private universities aiming to provide an educational environment that has the ability to teach and learn and cope with the technological developments and the challenges of the society for the graduate and scientific research in order to develop in the Egyptian society and the participation of world universities in meeting human needs and satisfying them. Participate in the construction of civilization as a dog breed of human development. The University of Suez is an academic institution with a central goal to develop thought, promote the individual and society, and control the habits and behavior of intellectual and cognitive control. The University plays a leading role in providing educational opportunities for the people of the Gulf of Suez, Canal, South Sinai and the Red Sea The university also has a social, scientific and cultural responsibility to lead the scientific and cultural movement in the fields of education, technology and scientific discoveries. The University also has a role in providing an appropriate intellectual, cultural and cognitive environment in all fields and reviving the scientific thought in the collective mind. For this reason, the university is mobilizing its full human and material capacity to achieve this vision in order to excel and excel. In addition, the university is working on preparing a distinguished graduate with professional and cognitive skills and a desire for creativity and the ability to transfer knowledge and applications through creative work and scientific research.

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