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83523 Qena, Egypt

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South Valley University is a university and research institution aimed at serving regional students and is based in Qena, Egypt. The University has about 42,000 students by academic year 2007/2008. South Valley University is keen to provide high quality education and increase the sections of education and the adoption of research activities distinct and attract the university students from all Egyptian provinces and other countries. More than 2,000 faculty members have been trained in international universities and brought to the university the global horizons that enrich the learning environment. South Valley University (SVU) covers a large area in Upper Egypt and is distributed in three governorates (Qena, Luxor and Red Sea). SVU is located in Qena, a city 600 km south of Cairo. Other branches are located in Luxor and Hurghada (Red Sea). The University has a total of 18 colleges and institutes. South Valley University began its studies in October 1970, as a branch of the University of Assiut, and was separated on 2 January 1995 by Decree No. 142. Virginia Commonwealth University is committed to providing a significant community service role in the Upper Egypt region. The University of Virginia is a vibrant national research institution with a record 50,827 academic year 2017/2018. The University attracts students from all governorates of Egypt and some other countries. More than 1,733 academic staff members have been trained in the best international institutions and have provided the University with a global perspective that promotes the learning environment. In fact, SVU is an independent university, so it is committed to providing the mission through culture and educational services. Needless to say, being a good neighbor and a valuable member of society is a top priority. Vision Scientific leadership for the establishment of a knowledge society and sustainable development. Mission South Valley University (SVU) seeks to provide education according to the needs of the community and creativity, as well as scientific research by providing a good educational environment for the preparation of qualified graduates according to regional and international standards. SVU also supports scientific research and effective partnerships that meet the aspirations of the South Valley community. University faculties Colleges of Qena Branch College of Science Faculty of Education college of Literature College of Veterinary Medicine College education quality Faculty of Commerce (Arabic and English) faculty of Agriculture college of Law Faculty of Physical Education Faculty of Nursing College of Engineering Faculty of medicine Faculty of Archaeology Faculty of Education in Hurghada Faculty of Dentistry Faculty of Information and Communication Technology faculty of Pharmacy School of Physiotherapy Colleges of Luxor Branch Faculty of Tourism and Hotels College of Fine Arts

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