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Al-Manshawy St., Al-Montazah Department, Alexandria

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The Egyptian Maritime College: is a military college designed to prepare and prepare naval officers and raise them militarily to match the conditions and requirements of the military navy and the College follows the command of the naval forces. Marine College Logo: Honor - Science - Redemption The emergence and evolution of the Marine College  The college was established in October 1946, and was headquartered in the Ras El Teen district of Alexandria. The first batch was accepted on October 15, 1946, and the number of students was 50. They joined the military academy for six months to receive the initial military training and completed their two-year study at the Naval College. The College moved to its current location in Abi Qir in 1965. The course lasted four years, with the application of the specialization system in maritime navigation, missiles, artillery, underwater weapons, marine signal and coastal artillery. Ten payments have graduated from this system. In 1975, the system of study was modified, to be a specialization after graduation from college. From 1959 to 1972, the College was established before the establishment of the Arab Maritime Transport Academy to train the students of the Arab Republic of Egypt, Arab and African countries to serve as maritime officers and engineers in the Maritime Commercial Fleet. In 1988, a development push was made, in collaboration with the US Naval Academy, where the latest educational systems were implemented, providing simulations, scientific models, specialized laboratories and training aids Specializations of the Marine College Navigational navigation: It is how to steer the ship from one place to another in the least time and at the lowest costs and know its place at any time during sailing. Rockets and artillery: in which he teaches how to correct missiles and artillery shells and how to deal with them. The signal: the communication devices between the ships and send and receive orders. Underwater Weapons: In which underwater weapons are studied, such as torpedoes, etc. Tasks of the Navy Raising the national flag in international waters and foreign ports. Securing the State's exports, resources and protection. Protection of economic installations at sea. Protection of commercial, military and civil convoys. Clear the corridors leading to and from the state ports of mines. Strengthening and equipping the supply of troops in any armed conflict overseas. Protection of the State's maritime transport lines against hostile acts such as piracy, mine laying, infiltration, vandalism and smuggling. Protection and security of naval forces during pre-emptive operations. Protection of coastal bombing vessels from surface and subterranean surface threats and the operation of enemy forces. Assisting civil authorities in the evacuation and rescue operations during disasters and crises. Guarding the coast of Egypt studying Four years: General and private military sciences. Administrative and Human Sciences. Specialized marine science The graduate is awarded a bachelor's degree in marine studies, and the bachelor's degree in marine studies is awarded to the graduate with a second master's degree. The faculty is divided into theoretical subjects divided into five groups, 50% of the number of teaching hours, as well as practical training representing 50% of the number of hours of study. Graduates of the Maritime College from the Arab and African countries Saudi Arabia, Syria, Algeria, Morocco, Libya, Oman, Bahrain, Iraq, United Arab Emirates, Kuwait, Yemen, Somalia, Zaire, Tanzania, Sudan and Djibouti.

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