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Nasser Higher Military Academy


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02 33350316

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Abdul Rahim Sabri, Dokki A, Dokki, Giza

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Nasser Military Academy is the highest military educational facility in Egypt. Its Supreme Council is headed by the Chief of Staff of the Egyptian Armed Forces. Historical Background The presidential decree establishing the Nasser Higher Military Academy was issued on January 18, 1965, and was inaugurated by President Gamal Abdel Nasser on 6 March 1965. The study began at the War College for the first session on 13 March 1965. The first course was held at the National Defense College on 18 September 1966. In the period From the summer of 1967 until October 1973, the War College was unable to hold full-scale courses because of the conditions for the preparation of the war while the courses of the National Defense College continued. The Center for Strategic Studies joined in February 1992 and became the Nasser Academy. College of Higher War. National Defense College. Center for Strategic Studies. The Academy's location was chosen in its current location in January 1965 and has not changed. Academy logo "Faith thought victory". Organization of the Academy Supreme Council of the Academy The Supreme Council is responsible for approving the policy of education, research and graduate studies and scientific cooperation relations with other countries. Under the chairmanship of the Chief of Staff of the Armed Forces. And includes in its membership Commanders of the main branches of the armed forces (air force, air defense). Director of the Academy. Heads of bodies (Operations Research Training). Director of Officers Affairs. College directors (War Defense, Director of the Center for Strategic Studies). Presidents (Cairo University, Ain Shams University, Academy of Scientific Research). Assistant Foreign Minister. One of the former Academy directors. Assistant Academic Director for Educational Affairs. Academy Council Specialized in the preparation of general policies for education and scientific research in the Academy and coordination with the research bodies in the armed forces. Chaired by the Director of the Academy and includes in its membership Deputy Director of the Academy. Directors of the College of War and National Defense, Center for Strategic Studies. Assistant Director of Graduate Studies. Assistant Director for Educational Affairs. Vice Directors of Colleges and Center. Degrees a. The Academy awards a doctorate in philosophy in: (1) the philosophy of military science and is specialized in the subjects of war college. (2) The philosophy of national strategy and its subjects are related to the National Defense College. (3) the honorary doctorate degree in the philosophy of military science or the national strategy of Egyptians and foreigners. B. Degree of Nasser Academy Fellow for successful completion of the War and Defense courses. C. A Fellow of the Graduate School of War who successfully completed his War College course. Dr.. Degree of National Defense College Fellow who successfully completed the course of the College of Defense. faculty of school The faculty members are chosen from a distinguished elite of officers of the armed forces. To be an academic graduate from one of its colleges with a grade of at least very good. B. To be an officer in the field of their specialization and Kadirin to contribute actively in all aspects of the educational process. C. To have field experience as a result of participating in military operations and filling key functions in his or her military and command bodies at the strategic and operational levels. Dr.. He has already worked as a teacher at the College of Command and Staff or a military institute. E. Experienced retired officers can also be employed to serve faculty members to benefit from their expertise. Academic administrators Chief of Staff of the War / Sharif Bishara. Staff of War Staff / Safwat Sadiq Al Deeb. Staff of War Staff / Atef Abdel Fattah Abdel Rahman. General of the Staff of War / Ahmed Yousef Abdulnabi. Chief of Staff of War / Fahmi Rifat. Chief of Staff of the War / Taha Mohamed Sayed. General of the Staff of War / Ahmed Darwish. General of the Staff of the War / Said Abdel Razek. Chief of the Staff of War / Mahmoud Awad. General of the Staff of War / Abdul Raouf Suleiman. Chief of Staff of War / Bahaa Eddin Suleiman. General of the Staff of War / Niazi Shimi. General of the Staff of War / Ali Fahmy Hamid. Chief of Staff of the War / Mahmoud Mohamed Imam. Chief of Staff of the War / Abdul Sattar Amin Ezzedine

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