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Misr International University


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19648 , (202) 24772038

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KM 28 Cairo – Ismailia Road Ahmed Orabi District, Cairo – Egypt

about Misr International University

Misr International University in Cairo (MIU) was established in accordance with the presidential decree no. 246 of the year 1996 with the purpose of developing an academic institution that would directly and honestly address the practical realities of the 21st century. Since Misr International University was established, we have been committed to academic distinction and quality education. Looking back at the past years, I am filled with pride at the university’s achievements & continuous pursuit of intellectual, professional & creative development of its students. MIU is fully aware of the importance of opening up to the world. As such, we engage in a variety of contacts with renowned American & European universities, giving our students the golden chance to prepare themselves for entry into the global workforce. With our unceasing commitment to excellence & unwavering nurture of the expanding student body, Misr International University will continue to provide the necessary skills & knowledge for tomorrow’s professionals. Misr International University offers a unique educational experience in which both Egyptian and Western system are merged, enabling the university to continuously upgrade by developing new courses, and applying the latest educational methodologies. Misr International University’s mission for the next two years is to expand the focus of the institution by establishing a post graduate program. Additionally, MIU plans to introduce new fields of specialization in different faculties. Students attending MIU gain special skills that prepare them for entry into today’s working world with pride & capability. Vision Misr International University aims to become a premier educational institution by providing an academically and a socially supportive environment to nurture graduates to be lifelong learners, professionals, pioneers and initiative takers who endeavor to enhance scientific research, community service, and professionalism, ultimately promoting development while preserving national identity. Mission Misr International University is committed to develop and sustain its academic programs and research activities through integrating educational and scientific research with community service, and qualify its students to undertake leading roles in various professions, and actively participate in the sustainable development of the Egyptian society. It also seeks upgrading its material and human resources, while maintaining its independence and competitiveness, to establish its national and international reputation. On the international level, MIU is committed to collaborate with many reputable universities worldwide to diversify its programs and qualify its graduates to meet the needs of the job market and compete internationally. Strategic Objectives & Core Values Strategic Objectives Prepare distinguished graduates with a high level of academic, professional and leadership competence to meet the needs of the job market. Develop graduate studies programs in accordance with the professional standards of each specialization in the various faculties. Promote scientific research to support the university’s research contribution to assert its status within the national and international academic community. Advance the University’s systems through cooperating and opening dialogue with international academic and research institutions to strengthen its position on the international scene. Cooperate with various community organizations through providing different services and developing collaborative partnerships for mutual benefit. Boost the University’s performance and strengthen its institutional capacity. Develop the campus infrastructure and horizontal expansions, and initiate self-funding projects. Core Values The University’s system of values is the main power that allows it to creatively invest in its human and material resources and potentials to achieve added value and improve the quality of life of its employees. The University considers this a strategic goal to enhance its development and stimulates organizational and institutional creativity and collective work to accomplish the university tasks and support its progress. Accordingly, Misr International University is committed to the following values: Responsible Freedom Development cannot be achieved without freedom and a healthy environment to implement individual and collective development plans, and support the academic freedom of the teaching and administrative staff as well as students, while abiding by the legal framework, and ethical- social responsibility. Independence The University eliminates all the factors that could impair its scientific and intellectual progress and stand in the way of independently achieving its strategic goals and objectives. Creativity The University encourages individual and collective creativity to ensure optimum use of the available potentials. Transparency and Circulation of Information The University believes that it cannot achieve its goals without transparency and disclosure. Therefore, it allows efficient distribution and circulation of information among all the employees in order to gain the trust of students and teaching and administrative staff; thus, encouraging them to participate in development plans. Participation and Teamwork Development cannot be achieved without effective and positive participation that can improve the performance of the individual and the institution. The University emphasizes active and fair participation of all employees who are involved in higher education and scientific research and community service, regardless of their posts, to achieve integration, thus utilizing all capabilities and potentials. Fairness Equality in education does not only mean that everyone should have the right to education, but it also means that all students should be provided with all kinds of opportunities to successfully graduate. The right to education is achieved through providing students with opportunities to continue their education, succeed, and make achievements. Quality and Excellence Misr International University understands the current and future needs and expectations of its stakeholders and is committed to meet the expectations of all the beneficiaries whether students, graduates, teaching staff, job market and the administrative body. It is also committed to achieve quality leadership and unity of vision, goals and strategies within the university system, to create the proper academic and organizational environment to achieve its goals at the lowest cost, to make fact-based decisions, and continuous improvement to achieve excellence and enhance its competitiveness

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