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Minufiya University


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2224216-2048 , 2224155-2048 , 2224347-2048

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Gamal Abdel Nasser, Shebin El Koum Division, Shebein El Kawm, El Monofeya

about Minufiya University

Menoufia University is a regional university in Egypt established in 1976 to provide university education services in Egypt. The University is characterized by rapid construction and extensive fame. The university started with four faculties (Faculty of Agriculture - Faculty of Engineering - Faculty of Education - Electronic Engineering College) and then expanded and established many of its affiliated colleges until it reached about 9560 students, 214 faculty members and 372 assistants. The headquarters of the University is located in Shebin El Koum City, Menoufia Governorate. At present, the university has 13 colleges and one institute after the separation of the faculties of the university branch in Sadat City, which is now the University of Sadat City. Colleges and Institutes The university is headquartered in Shebin El Koum, the capital of Menoufia governorate, which is about 75 km north of Cairo. The University consists of the following faculties: Faculty of Agriculture - October 1942 Faculty of Engineering Faculty of Electronic Engineering. 1965 Faculty of Education. 1971 College of Science. 1980 Commerce College. 1980 Faculty of Medicine (1984) college of Literature. 1987 college of Law. 1987 College of Home Economics. 1987 Faculty of Nursing. 2000 Faculty of Computing and Information. 2001 Faculty of Specific Education in Ashmoun. faculty of Pharmacy. Faculty of Applied Medical Sciences. Faculty of Physical Education 2015. University Vision "Menoufia University as one of the institutions of higher education in Egypt hopes to be one of the leading Arab and African universities in the development of knowledge and the welfare of society" University Message "To contribute to the cultural, cognitive and moral development of the human being and to deepen the national belonging through the provision of educational, research and community services in accordance with the benchmarks to achieve sustainable development of the rural and industrial environment and gain the confidence of the community to achieve a competitive advantage locally and regionally" General objectives The overall objective represents the final results to be achieved in the long run, often open-ended and not time-bound. It is not expressed in quantitative form, nor does it include a specific time frame for achieving it. The overall goals of the University are indicators of success to achieve its mission. In light of the vision and mission of the university, the following general objectives were identified: 1 - expansion of the institutions intended to open new scientific horizons in light of the knowledge economy and competitiveness. 2 - High prestige of the university in the system of higher education and gain the confidence of the community. 3. Graduates of the spirit of the times and the requirements of the labor market. 4 - Member of the teaching staff with distinguished scientific and professional skills regionally and globally. 5. Advanced scientific research that serves the economic and social development plans. 6. Develop and improve the exploitation of the financial and material resources of the University. 7. Adequate organizational structure and efficient administrative system.

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