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Mansoura University


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050 2200706 , 050 2200243

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25 El Gomhoureya St., El Mansoura (Section 2), El Mansoura, El Dakahleya 35516

about Mansoura University

Mansoura University is the largest educational campus for students of higher education located in the city of Mansoura. It is located in the west of Mansoura city and part of it overlooks the Nile River. Its history The Faculty of Medicine was established in 1962 as a branch of Cairo University. The University of East Delta was established by law No. 49 of 1972 and was amended to the University of Mansoura in 1973. The university is the sixth university in terms of its origin among the 13 universities of the Republic. Al-Mansoura University includes medical colleges - dentistry - pharmacy - engineering - tourism and hotels - agriculture - trade - rights - science - education - computers and information - nursing - veterinary medicine - physical education and some service units such as the general administration for the care of students in their playgrounds and facilities And the university and other universities for female students and most of the units of a special nature that serve the university and society, in addition to the areas occupied by the faculties of the university located outside the university as the Faculty of Arts, which is located on Ahmed Maher Street and the Faculty of Specific Education Mansoura and its branches in the cities of Mit Ghamr and Victory, A student club, a social club, a cultural library, a modern kitchen for staff and university faculty, as well as a modern hospital for students Medical centers and hospitals in the university Mansoura University has the largest medical edifice between Egyptian universities Where there are a large number of university hospitals and medical centers located within the campus and the number of 10 are: Kidney & Urology Center Center of gastrointestinal surgery Emergency Hospital Al Batinah Specialized Hospital University Children Hospital Ophthalmology Center Oncology Center Center of burns and plastic surgery Mansoura University Hospitals Experimental Medical Research Center University centers and units There are many of these centers are the latest technologies and the number of 10 centers of excellence are: The Center for Information and Communication Technology (ICT), which keeps abreast of developments and provides everything that is always new to the University Scientific Account Center Center of Water, Sanitation and Industrial Projects Center for Studies, Research and Engineering Consultancy Technical, laboratory and scientific services center Management training center and consulting General Service Center Center for the Study of Values ​​and National Affiliation Information, Documentation and Decision Support Center Club members Nile Club for University Workers Genetic Engineering Unit Electronic Microscope Module NMR unit Nanotechnology Center Center for cell research Experimental Medical Research Center University colleges and date of establishment Colleges are arranged according to the oldest establishment of the most recent Faculty of Medicine (Mansoura University) in 1963 Faculty of Education (Mansoura University) in 1994 Faculty of Science (Mansoura University) Faculty of Pharmacy (Mansoura University) Faculty of Dentistry (Mansoura University) in 1978 Faculty of Commerce (Mansoura University) in 1973 Faculty of Law (Mansoura University) in 1973 Faculty of Engineering (Mansoura University) in 1974 Faculty of Agriculture (Mansoura University) in 1973 Faculty of Arts (Mansoura University) in 1978 The Faculty of Specific Education and its branches in Mit Ghamr and the Victory Hall Faculty of Nursing in 1994, but another place was established and the Technical Institute of Nursing took its old place Faculty of Veterinary Medicine (Mansoura University) in 1995 Faculty of Physical Education (Mansoura University) Faculty of Computing and Information (Mansoura University) in 1996 Faculty of Tourism and Hotels (Mansoura University) in 2006 Faculty of Kindergarten (Mansoura University) in 2007 Technical Institute of Nursing Faculty of Fine Arts in 2014 University vision Achieve global leadership and excellence in knowledge production through sustainable development and effective community partnership University Message Providing a distinct environment for teaching, learning and scientific research in accordance with international quality standards and providing specialized professional and technical services to various sectors of the national, regional and international community Objectives of the University Developing the personality of the student, making him capable of innovation, challenge, self-learning, teamwork and competition regionally and globally. Modernize and develop curricula in the light of modern global trends and in accordance with international quality standards, taking into account local conditions The interest in continuing education, e-learning, distance learning technology and open education. Developing the performance of faculty members as experts in education and modern learning technology and as scientists in various research fields. Promote scientific research and support cooperation with other universities and scientific research centers nationally, regionally and globally. Developing the cultural, social and service balance of the local and regional community with the preparation of specialized cadres for various professions and strengthening the specializations that characterize the faculties of the university. To spread and deepen the culture of total quality and continuous development in the system of education and scientific research and community service at the university in accordance with international standards adopted. Produce, apply and exploit knowledge for the benefit of society by strengthening community partnership. Utilizing modern technologies and information technology to develop the system of teaching, learning and community service. Achieve sustainable development in all fields....

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