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20 057392000

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International Coastal Road, New Damietta, Kafr Saad, Damietta

about Horus University

The idea of establishing the Horus University was first decided by a group of the most distinguished university professors in the medical field. The dream came true when the presidential decree no. 199 was issued in 2013 to witness the launching of Horus university. thirty acres were immediately selected to establish Horus campus. The Dream come true. The university includes 6 Faculties: Dentistry, Pharmacy, Physical Therapy, Nursing, Engineering, and Business Administration. The first construction phase has already started in the buildings of Nursing, Engineering, and Business Administration Faculties. The Academic year 2016-2017 witnessed the launching of study in the Faculties of Dentistry, and Pharmacy, later in the Faculty of Physical Therapy. HUE Mission HUE is committed to develop its educational programs and communal participation to reserve human resources and save the environment. In addition, HUE is committed to prepare distinguished alumni who are capable of competing in the job market through developing its educational programs, scientific research and community service. HUE Vision Horus seeks excellence, and research and service leadership on the regional level. Code Of Conduct Quality and Distinction: HUE is committed to quality criteria issued by the national authority for quality assurance and accreditation. Leadership and Teamwork Spirit: HUE is committed to respect the role of individual and institutional leadership, which pushes the wheel of development, along with the importance of teamwork spirit. Equality and integrity: HUE members are committed to the highest degree of honest, respect and profession’s ethics. Transparency and accountability: All members of the university community are committed to respecting their values ​​in all scientific and academic activities. Continuous learning: The University is committed to supporting continuous learning within and outside the university community.

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