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Western Railway, Economic Accommodation, Helwan Department, Cairo Governorate

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Helwan University is one of the Egyptian governmental universities. It is a university affiliated to Helwan University. Helwan University is relatively modern compared to the prestigious Egyptian universities such as Cairo University and Ain Shams University. It was established in 1975. The university combines many unique and unparalleled faculties Applied Arts and Faculty of Art Education. On July 26, 1975, Helwan University was established by Law No. 70 of 1975, and then the university faculties started to gather within one campus after many years of Diaspora and Helwan University, with unique quality faculties in Egyptian universities (Faculty of Applied Arts, The faculties of fine arts and sports education for boys and girls and home economics are the mother colleges and the similar colleges have been established in other universities. Helwan University is the permanent university of the future and its development represents a rise in the educational process and in fact for Egypt. The establishment of the university is a milestone in the development of the concept of university education in Egypt. Helwan University is located in the area of ​​Ain Helwan on an area of ​​350 feddans. The foundation stone was laid in 1975 and the construction contract for the first phase was signed on August 1, 1985. Since then, Which includes 20 colleges and 49 units of a special character and a number of innovative facilities. Since the university has settled in its site, attention has been paid to the surrounding environment: Helwan, Ezbet El Walda and Ain Helwan through conferences and seminars to improve the environment surrounding the university. Especially with the presence of cement factories, which have already begun to adjust their environmental conditions. The university is headquartered in Helwan. A number of faculties have been relocated to the university headquarters, while others are located outside the university headquarters in Zamalek, Boulak, Giza, Manial, Haram and Matareya. Many large buildings were built at the university's headquarters to accommodate all university faculties within the campus. The hotel has a wide range of services and facilities, including the University Restaurant, Sports Hall, Central Library, Shopping Center, Art Gallery and University City.    University Hospital Helwan University Hospital was established on 30 June 1981 by the University Council Resolution No. 48 as a unit of special nature. It provides treatment services to university students. The service was developed to include the university staff and their families and members of the Helwan City and members of the companies and agencies contracted to spread the medical service and health awareness in the surrounding environment. . The hospital is equipped at the highest level, including laboratories, binoculars, physiotherapy units, a pharmacy and three operating rooms equipped with state-of-the-art equipment. Vision of Helwan University Helwan University seeks to be an educational and research institution, a pioneer in technology and arts, and distinguished in education and science in accordance with international quality standards. Helwan University Thesis Helwan University is one of the Egyptian government universities working on: Provide high quality academic programs, governed by local and international standards; to prepare a distinguished graduate capable of competition and creativity, meet the needs of society, and contribute to its development and well-being. Provide programs to raise the efficiency of faculty members, and develop their educational and research capacity; so that this will be reflected positively on both the student and the local and national environment. Upgrading scientific research at the university. Achieve continuous education and increase cooperation with international educational institutions. To achieve education that is effective in serving the community, building its culture, developing its environment, and pushing its production sectors to local, regional and global competition.  University faculties College of Fine Arts Faculty of Engineering (Helwan) Faculty of Engineering (Al-Matareya) Faculty of Commerce and Business Administration Faculty of Computing and Information Faculty of Tourism and Hotels Faculty of Applied Arts Faculty of Industrial Education College of Home Economics Faculty of Art Education College of Music Education Faculty of Physical Education (Boys) Bahram Faculty of Physical Education (Girls) in the island college of Law college of Literature Faculty of Education Faculty of Social Work faculty of Pharmacy College of Science Faculty of Nursing Faculty of medicine National Intellectual Property Institute Nursing Institute

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