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Al-Jazira Street, 9th Street, Mokattam, Cairo

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Aljazeera Institutes was established in 2001 in accordance with Ministerial Resolution No. 599 of 2001 and grants bachelor's degrees in the following majors: Information Systems Business Management media Engineering and Technology the message : Al Jazeera Academy seeks to add to the Egyptian society distinct positive and tangible benefits in the fields of engineering, technology, media, information systems and business administration in its various disciplines through the development and education of educated young people with distinct mental and creative skills distinguished and enjoy understanding and sympathy with others and accept them. Al-Jazeera Academy focuses on the overall development of each of its students in the development of spiritual, moral, mental, social, emotional and physical during the four years of the study through educational programs and various activities. Vision : Our vision is to provide a stimulating environment that enables our students to achieve the best achievements and to identify their potential so that they can make the best contribution to the service of their community. recruitment : Al Jazeera Academy always seeks to employ the best elements and expertise to benefit from their scientific and educational experiences and provide the best additions to our students. If you have the right qualifications to add to the Al Jazeera Academy please send your CV to

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