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Orouba, Airport, Nozha Department, Cairo Governorate

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Prior to 1958, Egypt had long been without technological military educational facilities. Therefore, the Military Technical College (MTC) was established to aid fulfilling one the basic principles of the 23rd of July revolution; “to build a strong Egyptian army“. As a milestone in building this army, the role of recent technologies and modern trends in armament came to mind. Thus, the idea of establishing a technical military academy became essential to supply the newborn army with engineers who constitute its technical mind. Having failed to obtain weapons from the west to rebuild the army on the basis of modern systems, the idea of MTC establishment came up following an armament deal with (the former) Czechoslovakia Republic in 1954. The need to establish the MTC was conceived, as a means to provide this new army with engineering professionals capable of coping and developing modern armament equipment and secure the technical support. MTC was established in 1958 in cooperation with Military Academy in Brno, Czechoslovakia, to fullfill this need. Therefore, in October 27th 1957 the Chief of Staff of the Egyptian Armed Forces issued the decree number #344 that stated: “In compliance with directions from the Egyptian leaderships, and studies launched by the Armed Forces to establish a scientific military college to fullfill the army's need for professional engineers. So the Army will no longer rely on foreign experts and conduct, independently, the researches and technical activities reaching the target of creating the required generation”. In November 17th 1958, the organizational order was issued, allowing distinguished officers from Armed Forces to start their studies at the MTC. The study was divided into two stages. The first stage, the medium stage, lasted for two years. Meanwhile, the second stage, the advanced stage, lasted for three years. In addition to the study stages, the organizational order included the requirements of admission, scientific branches, as well as the duties of the graduates. In 1958, the Military College for Science was established and occupied Abd El-Rehiem Sabry Palace in Dokky, Cairo. The Military College for Science became the Military Technical College (MTC) according to the re-organizational instructions, issued on September 7th, 1959. The College started to qualify its own Egyptian teaching staff at 1960. The early groups were sent to the Czechoslovak Military Academy to get their Ph.D. degrees in different specializations of the college during the period 1964-1975. The following groups were sent to distinguished universities in France, UK, USA, Canada, Russia and China, since 1977. By 1978, the role of the Czechoslovak faculty members came to an end, and the college started to rely entirely on its own staff. In 1978 the college was assigned the mission to start graduate studies for the professional officers of the Egyptian Armed Forces. Several Ph.D. and M.Sc. degrees as well as graduate professional diplomas have already been awarded. Thousands of B.Sc. engineering officers graduated from the Military Technical College. Considering the cooperation among Egypt, Arab, and African countries; there were foreign cadets who graduated and finished their graduate studies in M.T.C. Vision To achieve self sustainment of the Armed Forces in the fields of technology and engineering by providing engineering officers and researchers who can build and maintain armament systems and fulfill the needs of the Army operations. MTC aims to become one of the best international competing institutions in the fields of research, education and knowledge. Morals Moral principles should consider the belief in God and the full faith to the nation. A major principle is the profound trust in the capabilities of the Egyptian people, their willingness to sacrifice for the sake of distinction, dignity and independence of their beloved country. Objectives MTC is considered one of the distinguished scientific research centers of the Armed Forces. MTC is specialized in the fields of military sciences and technology. As a reference in the military technical applications, MTC is in charge of: Graduation of MTC engineering officers of scientific, practical and organizational capabilities to undertake the technical and engineering missions. Qualification of distinguished officers to conduct scientific research innovation in diverse engineering and technological fields so as to help the Armed Forces modernize the armament systems and support critical and advanced technologies Directing the scientific and technical post graduate studies in compliance with the needs of the Armed Forces. Awarding the Diploma, M.Sc., and Ph.D. degrees in the engineering and scientific fields. Qualification and preparation of officers to work as staff members.

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