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Derayah University Sq., 6th District, New Menia City, Minia Governorate, Egypt.

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Derayah University was established in 2010 by Presidential Decree No. 91 and is subject to the supervision and rules of the Egyptian Ministry of Higher Education. The government supervision is carried out through the Supreme Council of Private Universities, which is headed by the Minister of Higher Education. Derayah University was established in the new city of Minya, under the decision of the President of the Arab Republic of Egypt No. 91 of 2010, which is the republican decision establishing the university as the second private university in Upper Egypt. The University complies with all decisions issued by the Supreme Council of Private and Private Universities. All the decisions issued by the Supreme Council of Private and Private Universities are also applicable to all graduates, as are all private and public universities recognized by the Egyptian government , And is a member of the Supreme Council of Private and Private Universities. The activities and admission of students to the bachelor's degree in the Faculty of Pharmacy at the University started under the decision of Mr. Dr. / Minister of Higher Education No. 376 of the year 2015 concerning the start of the activity of the Faculty of Pharmacy on 17/2/2015. The activity started at the Faculty of Physiotherapy at the university and the acceptance of students at the bachelor's stage under the decision of Mr. Dr. / Minister of Higher Education No. 3238 for the year 2015. Campus Derayah University is located on 47 acres in the new city of Minya, one of the cities of Upper Egypt. The campus design is designed to provide all the students' needs and create an environment that is convenient To continue knowledge and learning. Mission and Vision of the University The University aims to contribute to raising the level of higher education and scientific research in Egypt and providing specialists and experts in various fields in order to achieve a link between what the university aspires and the needs of the developed society. Derayah University's vision is to become one of the leading universities in Egypt, the Arab world and the Middle East in the following fields: University accreditation Home / About Us / University Accreditation / Derayah University / Academic Staff Academic excellence is an important element in the selection of faculty members at Derayah University in terms of their commitment to the university's goals and objectives. They also share the pursuit of the common goal of enabling Derayah University to become one of the most prestigious universities in the Middle East. In the same context, the programs and academic curricula of Derayah University are designed in line with the latest academic standards.   quality of education Research and scientific publishing Provide student life that ensures the student's personality and development  She believes that her mission is to support the community in which she is living by linking the experiences of her graduates to her needs and through the regular and effective participation of her students. Student life Derayah University understands the importance of student life for a balanced university experience. With this in mind, Derayah University's campus offers the natural environment and facilities required to ensure that students enjoy a fun and rewarding experience that they can remember throughout their lives.

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