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Fayed, Ismailia Governorate

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brief history The reserve school was established in the first of October 1957 in the camp of Mahmud al-Saadani in Fayed region and led by the Canal and East Delta. On July 1, 1960, the name of the reserve school was canceled and was renamed the Reserve Officers College. In 1968/1/1 to 4/5/1970, the Minister of War ratified the transfer of the Reserve Officers College from its headquarters in Fayed to the Almaza area. On 7/4/1970 to 1977/7/31, the Chief of Staff of the Armed Forces War decided to transfer the reserve officers' college to the fourth village in the town of Isna, Qena governorate. The decision of the Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of War and Military Production and Commander-in-Chief of the Armed Forces to transfer the College from Qena Governorate to its former place in Fayed on August 1, 1977. Organizational instructions were issued on 1979/7/29 to reorganize the war college and include the reserve officers college. In 1979, the Minister of Defense decided that the College of Reserve Officers would continue to work at its present location in the Fayed area at full capacity. The decision of the Commander-in-Chief of the Ministry of Defense and Military Production on 18.4.2001 to develop the Faculty of Reserve Officers in full development in all fields and increase the capacity of the College. The Reserve Officers College is one of the military colleges which has its roots for more than fifty-five years. Its mission is to provide the armed forces with officers of higher qualifications of all types to join the ranks of the armed forces and complete the work system. Scientific and cultural, the preparation of this type of men requires the accuracy of choice and the efficiency of preparation and excellence of performance all under the supervision of a selected elite of the faculty members of the reserve officers and veteran leaders with experience to refine the skill of these men Faith is the driving force of our armed forces. It is the inspirational energy of its young heroes and the homeland. It is the great edifice of the past and the present. It is the source of our inspiration and the highest of our hope. Our purpose is to give life to us. We sacrifice it with our lives. The sacrifice is effort and sweat mixed with the pure blood of our nation. . Vision and Values The vision of the reserve officers' college is to quickly transform the highly qualified civil student into a fighter student and then a combat officer capable of leading his small sub-unit and spreading the correct values ​​such as self-denial, courage, courage and honesty and conveying correctly to his subordinates. The reserve officers' college is one of the scientific monuments of the Egyptian military. It provides our armed forces with the ammunition of the nation from the leaders of the factions. It increases the strength and prestige of terrorizing our enemies and believes our people to take their place among the peoples of the earth. Objectives of the College To provide the armed forces with officers of the highest qualifications after being trained militarily to be able to lead the small units in war and peace under various circumstances and maintain the combat efficiency of these units with the scientific background and cultural enable them to adapt to the rapid development in the field of military science. Admission requirements The student passes several tests before joining the college and there were key determinants of acceptance, which are as follows: The desire to join the Reserve Officers College. Upper and lower medical level until the required numbers are met. The younger age whenever possible and then the largest until the required numbers are met. The general assessment of the civil academic qualification obtained by the student. Better social status whenever possible. General appearance (body - height - weight) and general culture. Stability and stability. Scientific Sections The training period was divided into two main stages: The preparation stage is 3 months in which students are prepared with the basics of military life, military traditions, military discipline and physical efficiency. The final stage is 3 months, focusing on the basic skills of the next job and increasing its endurance. Tests The tests are conducted through the two stages and must be passed to qualify the student to complete specialized studies in specialized institutes school system The Faculty of Reserve Officers took care to study military materials (practical - theoretical) and cultural materials such as languages ​​and information systems to keep abreast of the times and integrate military science with cultural science while raising the physical efficiency and weight of different skills - the duration of study 6 months. Activities of students The student exercises in the college some activities (sports - cultural - recreational) using the halls of physical preparation equipped with the latest sports equipment and sports extension is also available a library of cultural and military contains books in various fields to sharpen the cultural and military skills of the student and the college contains a cafeteria equipped with the latest means of recreational activities . sport activities: The student's physical fitness and weight gain are enhanced through the following: Training students in the fields of reinforcement and gymnasiums. The weight of sports skills for students to conduct internal sports competitions and train students to work in team spirit during sports. Hits: Divided into two parts as follows: Military sites where the military student's perceptions are expanded, the military concepts are confirmed, and the spirit of belonging to the homeland is established through the study of military history and its field application. The civil sites where the student is acquainted with the progress in the national industries and gain experience from the technical cadres within the sources of production. Competitions: The college conducts competitions in all fields (military, sports, cultural, religious) among the students and rewarding outstanding and outstanding students.

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