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Assiut University , 71515 Assiut, Arab Republic of Egypt.

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Assiut University is an Egyptian university in the city of Assiut in Upper Egypt, located 357 km south of Cairo. It was officially completed in 1952 under the name of Mohammed Ali University. However, after the revolution of 1952, it was renamed Assiut University. It is the fourth Egyptian public university in terms of construction history (after the universities of Cairo, Alexandria and Ain Shams respectively). In Upper Egypt. In 1949, the National Celebrations Committee of the Ministry of Education (on the occasion of the centennial of the death of Mohamed Ali Al-Kabeer and the Governor of Egypt) submitted a project to establish a university in Assiut University called "Mohammed Ali University." The Council of Ministers approved this project and issued Decree Law No. 156 of 1949. The text The decree stipulates a period of preparation ranging from four to seven years to prepare the necessary resources for the opening of the study, and stipulated that the university should consist of the following colleges: Faculty of Science (1957) Faculty of Engineering (1957) Faculty of Agriculture (1959) Faculty of Medicine, Assiut University (1960) Faculty of Pharmacy (1961) Faculty of Veterinary Medicine (1961) Faculty of Commerce (1963) Faculty of Education (1966) College of Rights (1975) Faculty of Physical Education (1981) College of Nursing Nursing College (established under the name of "Higher Institute of Nursing" in 1982) College of Education in the New Valley (1993) Faculty of Social Work (1995) Faculty of Arts (1996) Faculty of Computing and Information (2001) Faculty of Oral and Dental Medicine Assiut University (2012) Faculty of Specific Education (1989) Technical Institute of Nursing (1997) Industrial Technology Research and Studies Institute (1995) South Egypt Cancer Institute (1997) Vision Leadership in building the knowledge society the message Assiut University is a government university that mobilizes its energy and employs it to achieve its vision through providing education in line with the requirements of the present and the future. And a product for distinguished generations of graduates able to compete in the local and global labor markets. And qualified for excellence in the fields of scientific research and technology and in the development and implementation of research programs that develop knowledge and contribute to the development of society within the framework of university values Goals 1- A distinguished graduate capable of innovation and competition in the labor market. 2 - Development of graduate studies and research capacity of the University. 3 - deepening the interdependence between the university and society. 4. An effective administrative system. 5. Consolidation of university values ​​and traditions. 6- Supporting colleges and institutes of the university to qualify for accreditation. For the objectives of the strategy to achieve the goals First Goal: A distinguished graduate who competed with innovation and competition in the labor market. Strategic Objectives To this end:           1. Continuous improvement of the educational capacity of the university.           2. Develop student activities and health and social care for students.           3. Encouraging student innovation. The second objective is to develop graduate studies and research capacity of the university. Strategic Objectives To this end:           1 - Development of the educational process for postgraduate university.           2. Link scientific research to the needs of society.           3. Integration with the global scientific community.           4. Encouraging scientific innovation.           5. Providing resources and material facilities.           6- Developing the administrative systems for the postgraduate studies and scientific research sector.           7 - Develop a research plan for the university and colleges. Goal 3: Deepening the link between the university and society. Strategic Objectives To this end:          1. Develop an information system for the community service sector and environmental development.          2 - Activate the role of centers and units of a special nature.          3. To promote awareness of environmental issues and society.          4- International cooperation to solve environmental problems.          5 - Direct scientific research to solve environmental problems.          6 - The inclusion of a department in the organizational structure of the university dealing with crisis and emergency and civil protection with full description of them.         7. Follow-up and care of graduates.         8. Developing financial resources for the community service sector and environmental development. Goal 4: An effective administrative body. Strategic Objectives To this end:          Attracting the best management competencies.          2- Raise the efficiency of the administrative apparatus.          3 - Maintain administrative competencies.          4 - Comprehensive development of the performance of the administrative body. Fifth Goal: Consolidation of university values ​​and traditions. Strategic Objectives To this end:  1 - raise the level of loyalty to the University. 2. Protection of academic freedom. 3 - Commitment to the ethics of scientific secretariat. 4. Teamwork. 5. Encourage the exercise of criticism and respect for the other opinion. 6 - to give priority to the public interest. Sixth Goal: Supporting the colleges and institutes of the university to qualify for accreditation. Strategic Objectives To this end:  1. To raise awareness of the need to obtain accreditation. 2. Provide financial support for accreditation requirements. 3- Developing the quality assurance and accreditation center at the university. 4- Developing quality assurance units in faculties and institutes.

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