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+03-5913931 , +20-35913931

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Army Road, Azarita and Shatby, Department of Bab Sharki, Alexandria

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Alexandria University is one of the largest universities in Egypt, and the third university established after Cairo University and the American University in Cairo. Alexandria University has more than 20 colleges that study various types of social, medical, engineering, sports and other sciences. The University has other branches in Egypt outside of Alexandria in Damanhour and Matrouh, and other branches are to be established outside of Egypt in Juba in Southern Sudan and in N'Djamena, The University of Alexandria, like most other Egyptian universities, is supervised by the Supreme Council of Universities, a government body that sets the general policy of education in Egyptian universities. According to the Times Higher Education Index, the University of Alexandria ranks 93th among the top 100 emerging market countries around the world, including the BRICS countries: Russia, Brazil, India, China and South Africa, according to The Times. Universities for 2014. The University ranked 30th in the world for the academic year with the same indicator 2011-2012 brief history The University was founded in 1938 under the reign of King Farouk. The University was founded at the time of its establishment by the Faculty of Arts and the Faculty of Law. This was followed by the establishment of the College of Engineering in 1941. The University was named Farouk University in 1942, Medicine, Faculty of Commerce, Faculty of Science, and College of Agriculture. After the revolution of July 1952, the name of the university was changed to its current name "Alexandria University". Since then, the University has been joined by other colleges such as the Faculty of Nursing, the Faculty of Pharmacy, the Faculty of Dentistry, the Faculty of Education, And hotels established in 1983, and in September 1989, the University of Alexandria included colleges and institutes of Helwan University in Alexandria, namely the Faculty of Physical Education for Boys, Faculty of Physical Education for Girls, Faculty of Fine Arts, and Faculty of Agriculture in Saba Pasha. Vision, Mission and Values ​​of Alexandria University Vision: Alexandria University seeks to restore its historical role by achieving a comprehensive qualitative leap in various fields of knowledge in the framework of noble human values ​​that enable it to assume its leading position at the local, Arab, African and international levels. the message: Alexandria University is a national, educational, research and advanced institution that seeks to provide and disseminate knowledge. The university always emphasizes the importance of building modern man and renewing the culture of society to take its leading position in all sectors. Important Values: Creativity and Invention: The University provides a climate conducive to the discovery of knowledge and embraces and encourages development initiatives. Quality and Excellence: The University is committed to quality standards according to international standards and indicators in all outputs, whether scientific, research, professional or cultural, in order to achieve excellence and competitiveness. Team spirit: To create an institutional and cultural atmosphere that encourages the idea of ​​collective action and team spirit. Belief and Commitment: The University is committed to protecting the cultural and cultural heritage and adhering to the ethical code and the traditions of the University Intellectual Freedom: The University supports intellectual freedom within the framework of community responsibility, respect for others, encourages intellectual pluralism and promotes a culture of tolerance. Justice and Equal Opportunity: The University is committed to providing equal opportunities for all without distinction as to religion, race, gender or age. Transparency: Commitment to transparency, justice, credibility and objectivity in all fields and respect for intellectual property rights according to the laws governing this locally and internationally. Colleges and Institutes of Alexandria University Faculty of medicine. College of Engineering. College of Science. Commerce College. Kindergarten School. college of Law. College of Fine Arts. faculty of Pharmacy. faculty of Agriculture. Faculty of Agriculture Saba Basha. Faculty of Dentistry. College of Veterinary Medicine. Faculty of Education. Faculty of Tourism and Hotels. Faculty of Nursing. college of Literature. Faculty of Physical Education for Boys. Faculty of Physical Education for Girls. College education quality. Faculty of Labor University. Medical Research Institute. Institute of Graduate Studies and Research. Higher Institute of Public Health. Faculty of Commerce, Alexandria University (Damanhour). Faculty of Economic Studies and Political Science

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