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Al-Tabiya - Rasheed Line, Al-Tarh, Kafr El Dawar Center, Beheira

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The College of Air Defense is one of the most important military colleges in the Middle East, which qualifies as a disciplined, psychological and military student in the field of air defense sciences, where the student combines the engineering study with the practical application that qualifies the officer for innovation and development in equipment. Objectives of the College The Air Defense College prepares a combat officer capable of leading a small sub-unit with a spirit of spirituality and physical and mental fitness that competes scientifically, professionally and disciplinally at the local and regional levels in the fields of air defense systems, and contributes to upgrading the scientific level and the use of modern technology through scientific programs that achieve the goals of the defense forces Air and armed forces. College Message: Prepare a distinguished scientific and disciplinary officer of the air defense forces. Provide advanced educational programs and decisions that meet the challenges of the times. Developing faculty capacity to keep abreast of modern developments. The responsibility extends to increasing communication links with graduates and with end beneficiaries. Keeping abreast of technological developments and applying them in all specialties related to the preparation of the officer Vision and Values Air Defense College aspires to be the most distinguished at the local and regional level in the graduation of a combat air defense officer capable of developing air defense systems through conducting research in the specialized and academic fields, which will positively affect the educational process in the armed forces. Admission requirements General Conditions: Students must not exceed 21 years of age at the date of enrollment. Be fluent in English / Arabic. Medical Conditions: Conducting a comprehensive medical examination of the student by the Office of Coordination of Military Colleges confirms his medical fitness and his absence from chronic diseases. General consistency in terms of overall body, height and weight. Sports Conditions: Achieve 50% of the level of sports scheduled through a group of exercises and the following: A pressure exercise to achieve the level of 100% must be implemented 40 times over time (2) minutes. A belly workout to achieve the level of 100% must be performed 40 times over time (2) minutes. Mind exercise to achieve 100% level must perform 10 several. The distance of 1500 meters to 100% must be carried out within 6 minutes. It was 100 meters away. Scientific conditions: The student must have a high school diploma or the equivalent of the Mathematics Division with a total of not less than 85%. Must have studied the qualifying subjects (Mathematics 1 - Mathematics - 2 Physics) and a total of not less than 75%. Fluent in English with a total of at least 70%. school system The duration of the study is five years in two stages: The first stage: Four years of graduate studies The student has a B.Sc. degree in military science as a lieutenant under probation. In the first and second year the student studies military materials, humanities and engineering materials. In the third and fourth year, the student studies military materials, humanities, engineering materials and air defense specialties. Graduated by the fourth year, he holds a Bachelor of Military Science in Air Defense. Second stage (supplementary year): The student is completed after graduating at the lieutenant level by completing his engineering studies for one academic year (the fifth year) with full time and finishing with a Bachelor of Engineering, Communications and Electronics Division.

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