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26831231 , 26831417 , 26831474

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El-Khalyfa El-Mamoun Street Abbasya, Cairo , Eygpt

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Ain Shams University is the third oldest university in Egypt. Founded in July 1950 as Ibrahim Pasha University. Collaborated with the other two universities. Cairo University (Fouad El Basha University) and Alexandria University (Farouk I University) to achieve the University's goals and accept the increasing number of applicants. After the revolution of 23 July 1952, the three universities were proposed after the historic places in Egypt. Thus, on February 21, 1954, the name of the university was changed to Heliopolis. In the same year Ain Shams Ain changed its name, or the Arabic translation of Heliopolis or Aoun. En University was founded 5000 years ago. She was really famous for being a cultural center of knowledge especially astrology, engineering and medicine. Amhotep was a teacher at that university. He was the principal Parson, the minister and designer who designed the first stone architecture known as Zoser in 2700 BC. The University logo consists of an obelisk and two hawks to symbol its name and its ancient history. The obelisk symbolizes the House of Life in the city of On (Ain Shams) and symbolizes the falcons to the house of the Egyptian god at the time. Ain Shams University is located in Qasr Al-Zaafran Palace (Al-Zaafran Palace) built in Khedive Ismail Rayen. The reason behind this name is that it was surrounded by fields of saffron. This palace was used as the administration of the university in 1925 Vision Ain Shams University's vision is to have a global competitive edge in managing an innovative system of education, research, knowledge and community service Mission Ain Shams University is an educational, research and service institution that adopts innovation and qualifies, academically and skillfully, a graduate who is able to compete in the labor market and serve the community in accordance with international developments. Objectives Mobilizing the human and material resources of the university to serve the community and develop the environment through the provision of university services for individuals and institutes through the provision of training courses and technical and cultural consultations in addition to conducting applied research. Provide training courses in management, tourism and diplomacy. Providing courses in Arabic for non-native speakers of foreign bodies. Provide customized courses to meet the needs of the community. Increase cultural awareness among university students, employees and citizens. Providing public services to Egyptian society in all fields. Qualifying cadres from different institutes and ministries in various fields of work. Provide social guidance to individuals and groups to provide customized programs to various ministries and institutes. Provide guidance to different groups (such as students and employees) to help them overcome the obstacles they face, develop positive attitudes, and enhance their sense of belonging through the Social Development Unit. Colleges and Institutes In 1950, there were only 8 faculties in the university. Today, there are 15 colleges and two high institutes. Colleges College of Al - Alsun from inside. Faculty of medicine. Faculty of Dentistry. faculty of Pharmacy. College of Engineering. College of Science. Faculty of Computing and Information. College of Al Alsun. Faculty of Nursing. Commerce College college of Law. girl's college. Faculty of Education. College education quality. college of Literature. faculty of Agriculture. Institutes Institute of Environmental Studies and Research Institute of Graduate Studies for Children Higher Institute for Cooperative and Administrative Studies

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