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EasySchools-Cairo English School-logo

Cairo English School

Cairo English School opened in 2006 with 130 students and now has over 1500 students from the ages of 3 to 17. The school is situated on a purpose built modern campus in the rapidly growing area of New Cairo.The campus includes an Olympic sized swimming pool, 400 meter running track, football fields, an indoor air-conditioned gymnasium and modern classrooms including fully equipped science labs and ICT suites.CES is a member of Educational Services Overseas Limited (ESOL), a group of eight American and British schools spanning six countries and three continents. The school draws on the collective experience and professionalism of ESOL schools to help it develop and grow in a well structured and planned way.CES’s mission is to provide a high quality British based international education.CES’s mission is to provide a high quality British based international education. The teaching staff work with the parent body to help students become successful learners, confident individuals and responsible citizens. Students who leave CES not only have knowledge, but the necessary skills to reflect and think on what they do, learn and see so they can grow and develop as individuals in university, their careers and beyond.CES is a member of the British Schools of the Middle East (BMSE) and a full member of the Council of International Schools (CIS). The school is also authorized by the International Baccalaureate Organisation (based in Geneva Switzerland) to deliver the prestigious International Baccalaureate Diploma. In addition, CES is British Schools Offshore (BSO) inspected and has received the Duke of Edinburgh's International Award.The curriculum at CES follows the Early Years Foundation Stage Curriculum leading to the English National Curriculum through to IGCSE at the end of Year 10. After successfully completing IGCSE exams, students can choose to take A Levels (the traditional British route into university) or the increasingly valued IB diploma. The curriculum is rigorous and will allow students to enter the best universities around the world.Although CES is English in character and curriculum, it is sensitive to its location. The school therefore delivers the necessary Ministry of Education curriculum in Arabic, Egyptian Social Studies and Religion to its Egyptian students and Arabic as a Foreign Language to non Arabic speakers. The school also takes students to places of interest around Cairo (e.g. the Egyptian Museum, the Pyramids of Giza and Garbage City), linking these trips to the curriculum we follow. Thus CES ensures all students leave the school with a deep understanding of the local culture.All our teachers are fully qualified with an initial degree as well as a teaching qualification and experience. Most of our teachers are from England, but we do have teachers from other countries adding to CES’s internationalism.

EasySchools-Metropolitan School-logo

Metropolitan School

Metropolitan School will follow the American Curriculum .Teaching our children to ask questions and discover ways of improving the status quo from an early age.Founded by a family with 60 years of experience in the private education sector.Metropolitan School aims to deliver a truly outstanding education, building skills for future success.

EasySchools-Narmer American College-logo

Narmer American College

Narmer American College is an IB International World school offering Diploma Programme (DP) Being an IB World School, makes NAC part of a global community of schools committed to developing knowledgeable, caring young people who will be ready to negotiate their future successfully and make contributions resulting in a more harmonious and peaceful world. NAC offers the American Curriculum PK- Grade12 which is aligned with the AP standards of learning following the College Board Standards for College Success CBSCS. In addition to the American section, we also have a British section with a curriculum aligned with the IGCSE curriculum. The school campus has outstanding facilities and is fully equipped with the latest technology and advanced methods of learning. Our professional faculty take the full responsibility of not only helping the students achieve their educational goals, but they’re also preparing them to become the successful leaders of the future. The school achieves its mission "to prepare students to succeed in the best universities around the world and we implement internal and external assessments and standardized testing . Technology is integrated in our daily classroom practices with smart board technology including a dynamic academic Management system which enables students to follow and complete assignments and academics online. Laptops and IPad are essential on campus and our students learn to experiment and explore using the most advanced technological tools along with their own devices. Our advanced Computer labs and fully equipped Science labs offer our students endless opportunities for learning and success. The Music, fine arts and performing arts departments continue to expand their offerings along with our academics, contributing to the success of our students and leading NAC to become one of the top international schools in Egypt .

EasySchools-Al-Afak Algadeda international school-logo

Al-Afak Algadeda international school

Welcome to the Al Afak Al Gadeda International School (ACIC), a school where we make sure that your child is learning well, enjoying life and exceeding expectations. Your child is genuinely at the heart of our school. Therefore, we strive to instil in all our students a love of learning. We know that if this can be achieved, all the rest will follow: academic success , worthwhile career and fulfilled life.ACIC implement modern educational methodologies in an effective manner to enable our students to acquire the skills needed to face a challenging future. Our curricula are reviewed and updated regularly following the United States national standards. To assure that students are assessed continuously through the school year, the school evaluation of the academic success is not only based on final exams, but also include daily homework, frequent quizzes, tests, class participation and group or individual projects.Parents are as important to us as our students. We believe that parental involvement is vital to the well-being of the students and the school. Our parents are true partners and they are encouraged to come into the school to share their knowledge and expertise with us.Our school has grown and developed remarkably over the last few years. we are grateful for the support and assistance we received from the board of trustees, administrators, teachers and parents and we hope that this deepen and grow over the coming years

EasySchools-Modern English School Cairo-logo

Modern English School Cairo

In October 1990 the Modern English School Cairo opened its doors with only 28 students enrolled. The school began with the pioneering vision of a group of educators led by Mr. Nabeel Dajani and Mrs. Sawsan Dajani. Its reputation and standing in the community grew quickly and as the school population increased, improved facilities were built, culminating in a recent move to an impressive state-of-the-art campus in New Cairo. In a friendly and welcoming atmosphere the students are encouraged to care for one another and for the world around them.MES Cairo is a real international community where the current enrolment of 2076 students aged 3.2 to 18 from 30 nations study together in a purposeful way. Fully established, MES Cairo continues to develop with increased specialist teaching, a strong Learning Development Department and further exciting Secondary options.

EasySchools-Hayah International Academy-logo

Hayah International Academy

Hayah International Academy is committed to deliver to society distinguished adults who honor their cultural identity, maintain personal growth and strive for academic excellence; qualities enabling them to live with purpose, fulfill their mission in life and make a difference in a challenging global environment.

EasySchools-British International College Cairo-logo

British International College Cairo

British International College of Cairo (BICC) aims to deliver outstanding international education whilst ensuring maintaining Egyptian values. We aim to equip our students with a passion for learning and to make them strive for change on a local and global level. In addition to our strong academic program, our emphasis on sports and athleticism is shown through our expansive, modern facilities and sports sponsorships offered to all students who show great athletic potential and drive. Creative expression is also a crucial part of every student’s life at BICC, where art, drama and music will play a big role in shaping our community and helping it to grow. In addition to all this, our students will participate in Community Service Projects to make a difference in the lives of the less fortunate. Our philosophy is that a supportive and nurturing environment combined with a progressive and well-balanced education, is key for each student to achieve their individual potential. We intend to foster the next generation of entrepreneurs by delivering an innovative education and a positive attitude towards everything they wish to undertake. We hope to instil a lifelong love of learning in every one of our students and develop their best qualities as individuals by nurturing their confidence, creativity, consideration and courage.

EasySchools-Canadian International School of Egypt-logo

Canadian International School of Egypt

CISE is the first Canadian School in Egypt and is a registered school with the Ontario Ministry of Education in Canada as well as certified by the Ministry of Education of Egypt. Students graduate with an Ontario Secondary School Diploma that is recognized for entrance into Universities throughout the world. Students educated in the Ontario curriculum consistently rank in the top ten on International Literacy, Mathematics and Science assessments.

EasySchools-The International School of Choueifat - Cairo-logo

The International School of Choueifat - Cairo

SABIS® is a global education network that has an active presence in 20 countries on five continents. Schools in the SABIS® Network educate over 70,000 students and implement a proven, proprietary system. SABIS® Network schools provide students with a top-quality education that prepares them to meet the challenges of a changing world.SABIS® Network schools are distinguished by their implementation of the SABIS® Educational System™, a comprehensive system of education that offers a rigorous, internationally-oriented, college-preparatory curriculum emphasizing the core subjects of English, math, science, and world languages to students from 3 to 18+ years of age.With its roots in the 19th century and a vision for the 21st, SABIS® is committed to providing a top-quality education for a changing world.

EasySchools-Modern school of egypt 2000-logo

Modern school of egypt 2000

Our mission is to build up Egypt’s future leader through providing the state of the art educational, cultural and technological tools that will meet the challenges of the 21stcentury.

EasySchools-Nile International College-logo

Nile International College

NIC is the first English school in Cairo offering the PYP and committed to implementing the full IB Continuum programs: PYP- MYP- DP.NIC focuses on nurturing students’ cultural identity, validating their sense of heritage and pride in their mother tongue Arabic language. Instilling in our students values and emphasizing the importance of ethics, spiritual growth and positive attributes is a significant cornerstone at NIC.Our lessons are inquiry based and student-centered rather than teacher-centered. Our program is committed to structured purposeful inquiry that engages students actively in their own learning.At NIC we provide a truly holistic education, which isn’t only about academics but is a well-round program through the various curricular and extra curricular actives. We provide our students with both indoor and outdoor learning experiences that will help them to explore and ultimately gain the knowledge needed to understand the world around them. Our inclusive field trips are part of our educational process with clear objectives to support the unit of inquiry in progress.NIC staff members are highly qualified calibers dedicated to the implementation of the IB Program. Their continuous professional development both nationally and internationally is a commitment from NIC to ensure their ongoing growth in their career paths.

EasySchools-Qaitbay International school-logo

Qaitbay International school

The QPLS will provide all children a safe, enjoyable andChallenging school environment where they haveThe opportunity to achieve their maximum individual education potentialAll students will receive balanced education where traditional scholastic is taught to prepareInspire and empower them to become lifelong learners to succeed in a changing world and toBe responsible citizens in a global community.