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EasySchools-Remas Language Schools-logo

Remas Language Schools

At Remas Language School we aim at providing a challenging educational environment. Such environment encourages and promotes an enduring passion for learning, thus enabling our students to acquire the best educational and social experience. We at Remas Language School are keen on giving each and every student an individualized attention. We seek to create a positive relationship between students and their teachers, providing a safe, caring and supportive environment. Such relationship will lead to motivating our children’s self-esteem, self-discipline and their ability of positive and critical thinking.

EasySchools-Virginia International School-logo

Virginia International School

Virginia International School is designed for the 21st Century. Our inaugural state-of-the-art school and sporting facility includes fully equipped modern science and computer labs, a culturally relevant and age appropriate library, air conditioned classrooms, a canteen, a doctor’s clinic and much more. The inaugural campus comprises a KG section; Elementary School and Middle School. (Grades pre -K to 9). Plans are underway to open the High School section next academic year.

EasySchools-Brilliant Minds School - BMS-logo

Brilliant Minds School - BMS

BMS was founded in the school year 2016-2017 by the Board of Trustees, to develop young men and women with active and creative minds, a sense of understanding and compassion for others, and the courage to act on their beliefs.BMS is a Mokattam-based, national, language school that strives to provide international quality education for its students using a STEAM-inspired approach.BMS vision is that its students will be well-rounded, ethical, lifelong learners who are well prepared for facing the 21st century career life, society and economy. They will be primed with academic requirements, knowledge,and skills for further postgraduate studies; a healthy respect for diversity; and an appreciation for their own cultures and personal histories.

EasySchools-Virginia International School-logo

Virginia International School

We believe that all students can learn to their fullest potential when nurtured in the right environment. We strive to develop knowledgeable and inquiring individuals who are globally minded, yet retain their own Eastern roots and morals. Our graduates will be responsible citizens, lifelong learners and prepared to achieve success within the ever changing 21’st century. Students who graduate from our school will be accepted in to prestigious International universities both abroad and in Egypt.

EasySchools-Al-Waha International School-logo

Al-Waha International School

AL- WAHA Language School recognizes that each student is an individual; that all students are creative; that all students need to succeed.Therefore, AL- WAHA Language School respects the individual needs of students; fosters a caring and creative environment; and emphasizes the social, emotional, physical, intellectual development of each student.

EasySchools-AL-Retaj Language School-logo

AL-Retaj Language School

Al Ritaj Language SchoolNursery - Primary - Preparatory - Secondary A school has an international branch

EasySchools-Dar Luqman Al Hakeem International School-logo

Dar Luqman Al Hakeem International School

Dar Luqman Al Hakeem International School is to provide students with a quality Islamic education that allows for the academic, social, moral, physical, spiritual and intellectual growth and development of the child within a modern, scientific, academic program of studies which promotes creative talents and critical thinking skills.

EasySchools-Manarat El Mostaqbal American School-logo

Manarat El Mostaqbal American School

spiring initiative, determination, self-confidence, empathy and the love to learn and advance--qualities needed for success in any endeavor: whether academic, career or community service.Utilizing American curriculums and standards while preserving and nurturing our identity and cultureTo provide a quality educational service which will prepare a morally upright and creative generation capable of the building and development of our nation.