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EasySchools-Malvern College-logo

Malvern College

It is my great pleasure to welcome you to Malvern College Egypt (MCE), a branch of Malvern College UK.The College opened in August 2016 catering for pupils from Nursery to Year 10. We will continue to grow into a full Senior School year on year, and will in time offer the International General Certificate of Secondary Education (IGCSE) and internationally recognised pre-university qualifications including 'A' levels. In April 2016 The College also submitted an application to the International Baccalaureate Organisation in order to become a candidate school with the intention of offering the IB Diploma Programme to our pupils from August 2018. This application process will involve a consultation and visit process by the IBO for The College to demonstrate how it will meet the requirements to become an authorised IB World School. MCE is a new school; however we are fortunate to be able to welcome over 150 years of experience in education from our mother school, Malvern College UK. They provide regular inspections based on a set of high academic standards to which we must exhibit adherence, as well as regular visits to the school to provide educational insight and expertise. We are proud to be a member of the Malvern family of schools and enjoy close ties with both Malvern College UK and Malvern’s other international schools elsewhere in the world.

EasySchools-British Ramses School-logo

British Ramses School

BRS is committed to excellence in the different fields of education. We encourage creative and analytical thinking that leads to learning for life. Our school aims at seeing our students growing to be responsible people that value teamwork and respect individuality. For BRS the child’s whole being is important. We see each student as an individual with unique talents, strengths and struggles.This is our tool in creating a safe learning environment for every student in order to help him/her reach their maximum potential. We strongly discourage students to compare themselves with other colleagues in regards of talents, achievements or grades and we encourage parents to do the same. We value our students’ well-being emotionally, physically and mentally.Our goal is to see each child grow to become knowledgeable, effective and influential people in society. We appreciate, respect and value people for who they are. We believe that all individuals from all social standards are worthy of our honoring treatment and support.Our love for our country is the driving momentum that heartens all students to grow bearing in mind that they can make a difference. That is why honesty, integrity and responsibility are some of our main values that we integrate in every learning experience.

EasySchools-Alkarma language school-logo

Alkarma language school

Guide students while forming their values, developing their skills and discovering their potential.Encourage an atmosphere in which they are allowed a certain amount of freedom that would enable them to express themselves. Teach them their rights as well as their duties.

EasySchools-Mavericks International School-logo

Mavericks International School

Mavericks, the first blended learning school in Egypt.Mavericks Purpose: We strive to empower our children to become true mavericks. Mavericks are those who think for themselves, are independent and solve the world’s toughest problems. We also aim to empower our student’s parents because they share our same values, which are investing in their children’s lives and providing them with affordable high-quality education.Mavericks Vision: Mavericks’ vision is millions - if not billions - of happy and successful mavericks who solve the world’s most complex problems. We aspire to create a global network of micro-schools that provide high-quality education at an affordable cost for all children without any financial, societal, ethnic, geographic or disability barriers.Mavericks Mission:Mavericks’ mission is to operate a network of micro-blended schools that targets students all around the world and offers personalized learning that respects their strengths, preferences and interests.​We work to broaden every Mavericks student's horizons by connecting them globally with other cultures from around the world.Our curriculum follows the Common Core Standards as well as Minnesota State Standards for Language and Arts. It also follows the standards of the Ministry of Education in Egypt and provides rigorous Arabic language and religious studies teaching.Accreditation:American Diploma - American International Accreditation Association (AIAA)Our branches:- 6th of October Campus: Cairo-Alex Desert Road, behind Hazem Hassan, 6th of October City, Giza, Egypt.- Kattameya Campus: Ring Road, Kattameya, behind El Seid club, Cairo, Egypt.- New Damietta Campus: El Hay El Thany, El mantekka Al markazeya

EasySchools-Windrose Academy-logo

Windrose Academy

I am pleased to help you in the first steps you are taking in learning about Windrose Academy, Cairo and what we are about.At Windrose we are deeply committed to providing students with a high quality education throughout their stay with us. Our curriculum is firmly based around the UK model. We aspire to provide all students with a very wide range of educational experiences both within what we teach and how we promote students’ personal development. We strive to produce young adults with rounded, balanced personalities, who have the necessary academic and life skills to be productive and to live happy and successful lives in the 21st century. We aim to foster these qualities in an atmosphere where each individual is valued and their gifts and talents recognized and developed to their full potential.