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EasySchools-B-Own Heliopolis Language School-logo

B-Own Heliopolis Language School

Our school aims to offer high standard education and effective atmosphere and to create creative, thinkingly generation with good morals.1- The full use of the modern technology.2- To support the excellent and talented students.3- To care about the weak.4- To use the different activities and support the different skills.5- The effective social co-operation.6- To increase the students feeling toward their country.7- The equality between all the students.8- The best use of the effective learning strategies.9- To offer a quiet atmosphere for working using the different qualities of the team work.10- To help students to develop their overall characters.11- To turn our students and staff into one big family.

EasySchools-Menese International School-logo

Menese International School

your goal is to prepare our students physically, intellectually, emotionally and morally through an ethical code to contribute to the society of which they are members and the world they will experience upon graduation from our school.- The school has another branch in Kilo 29, near Aqua Park, Cairo Ismailia Desert Road, Cairo

EasySchools-El Nasr schools-logo

El Nasr schools

Starting in 1915, The English School has its roots deep in the field of education.

EasySchools-Patriarchal language School-logo

Patriarchal language School

English Language and French Section- School boys only

EasySchools-Saint Clare's College-logo

Saint Clare's College

We find the very reason for our existence in the integral education of children. We see each student as a unique individual who is lovingly created by God. Comprised of students, parents, Sisters, teachers and staff, our educating community is committed to serve as partners of the parents who are the first educators of their children.

EasySchools-Manaret Al Farouk Islamic Language School-logo

Manaret Al Farouk Islamic Language School

Our Mission is to inspire and academically empower all students to become tomorrow’s leaders by: developing their unique gifts and potentials, providing an environment that fosters integrity, creativity, and respect and ensuring that our students become successful, contributing citizens in a global community.

EasySchools-Victoria International College-logo

Victoria International College

Victoria International College

EasySchools-Talaa Al Azhar Al Sharif Institute-logo

Talaa Al Azhar Al Sharif Institute

Azhar Private Model InstituteNursery - Primary - Preparatory - Secondary - Arabic - Languages - Boys - GirlsThe establishment of a cultured, cultured, cultured generation that is educated on virtue and who values, advocates and benefitsThe right education and the establishment of science in the hearts of students.

EasySchools-Heliopolis Modern Language School-logo

Heliopolis Modern Language School

Heliopolis Modern Language School will assist Egypt Government and private sector to realise the goals of the Egypt Government Strategy to build an Egyptian workforce that can effectively and efficiently manage the challenges of their future labour market.