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EasySchools-Elwy Language Schools-logo

Elwy Language Schools

•Establishing a highly knowledgeable and cultured school leadership and raising awareness about the educational operation.•Extending the role of libraries to the best effect and holding cultural symposiums.•Enhancing the board of Trustees’ role in the participation of the educational operation.•Augmenting the social worker’s performance to get the full benefit of a better academic function for learners.•Providing the school with highly technological educational equipment such as language and computer labs.•Raising the academic level of the learners with learning difficulties and developing the work quality of the more advanced learners.•Developing the teacher’s role in the learning process and improving their vocational and educational qualifications.•Encouraging the participation of learners and their families in social work and charity events.•Encouraging the participation of learners and teachers in health and environmental campaigns to minimize pollution problems.•Boosting the role of the school activities and catering for gifted and talented learners.

EasySchools-Royal House Language School-logo

Royal House Language School

Royal House Language School was established in September 2003. The original enrollment was 186 pupils. Now our school community has reached almost 2500 students and we continue to attract more every year. The school is located on Sakkara Road / Marrioteya. It is set on an area of30000 m2. It serves children in stages of kindergarten up to Secondary

EasySchools-Trust International Schools-logo

Trust International Schools

Trust school aspires to be outstanding educational organization by establishing reputation for excellence between schools which present teaching American program in Egypt.

EasySchools-Suad Kafafi International Language Learning School - SKILLS-logo

Suad Kafafi International Language Learning School - SKILLS

Our mission at SKILLS is to provide our students with solid grounding in education and extend the moral doctrine at home. Education and moral behavior will be achieved by our students with the aid of our dynamic and dedicated staff. This ensures that students will gain the maximum benefit during school hours. The use of latest teaching techniques will allow students to become successful, cultured and moral contributors to any community, be it local, national or global

EasySchools-New Discovery International School-logo

New Discovery International School

Our owner Mr. Abdel Ghany Mohamed is a long time educationalist since 1964, with more than five decades of extensive experience in teaching and managing schools. Mr. Abdel Ghany has continuously pursued his passion in achieving a unique educational system that develops an integrated learning community with strong moral guides. Hence, he established New Discovery British School that integrates a modern 21st century character building program within its teachings to develop students dynamically and effectivelyTo build a leading educational institution with four unconventional approaches including a complete moral and character building education, an efficient academic curriculum with applied learning and advanced technology, as well as a comprehensive parent involvement programmer

EasySchools-Zein College Language Schools-logo

Zein College Language Schools

National and international school

EasySchools-Genius American School-logo

Genius American School

Genius International school will empower every student to become a life-long learner who is responsible , productive and engaged citizen in the community.

EasySchools-Pharaohs language school-logo

Pharaohs language school

Our mission Provide a safe and positive environment for our students. To inspire a passion for learning and develop their skills and knowledge that will maximize their potentialsOur visionPrepare every student in our school to become responsible, participating citizen and leader who can face the rapidly changing global society.

EasySchools-Winners Language School-logo

Winners Language School

We affirm the uniqueness and dignity of individuals, inspire the pursuit of excellence while promoting tolerance and equity in a diverse fast growing worldOur visionWinners Language School is committed to rendering highly skilled life-long learners with international perspective while instilling the culture values of the country.In order to achieve our goal we believe in:•Efficient and effective experienced management.•Integration between the school and parents.•Effective cooperative learning.•Qualified, trained and motivated staff.•Creating friendly, healthy child-centered learning environment. •The role of modern technology in education.•Curricular and extracurricular activities that help students discover their own talents.

EasySchools-Al Mostkbal Modern School-logo

Al Mostkbal Modern School

Al Mostakbal Modern Language School Selim St., Behind Qaoud Hotel, Faisal, Giza

EasySchools-The Egyptian International Schools-logo

The Egyptian International Schools

Nearly half a century ago, the Egyptian international schools were deeply rooted in the enlightened free education system. Generations and thousands of our dear citizens learned their commitment to education, education and education in mind, spirit and spirit. Those who knew the wheel of life came out with wisdom, skill and ability. The first beam of knowledge and knowledge came from the management of these schools in 1987. Today, there is still a sun shining and a light that dispels the darkness of ignorance, backwardness and stagnation. As the days pass, the strength, experience and skill in our understanding of our message and our achievement of our goal and the hope of the long experience are realized by our great sense of mission.

EasySchools-AlAlson Azhari Language Schools-logo

AlAlson Azhari Language Schools

Our mission is to educate and empower students so that they are be able to:Appreciate and apply knowledge, and exercise rational thinking to pursue productive living and life-long learning.Exercise impartial moral judgment and lead just livingPurposefully, responsibly, and actively lead and progress societyElequently and appropriately communicate and express ideas and emotionsPursue healthy and enjoyable living.