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EasySchools-Cairo British School - CBS-logo

Cairo British School - CBS

The school offers a broad and enriching program based on the British Curriculum and strives to achieve the highest educational standards in a happy, caring and supportive environment, with due emphasis given to the individual needs of every pupil.CBS aims to produce students who are knowledgeable, reflective, able to communicate effectively, are enthusiastic about life long learning, are open to new ideas, are responsible and self-confident, and who are imbued with a sense of understanding the world in which they live and the inter-dependence of individuals, groups and nations and so promote cultural diversity.

EasySchools-Smart International School Egypt-logo

Smart International School Egypt

At Smart International School we aim to develop pupils through the delivery of a relevant balanced international curriculum that allows pupils to develop, through an integrated approach, the skills and knowledge required to become independent lifelong learners with an understanding of cultural diversity and positive attitudes to self evaluation. Ultimately becoming responsible citizens with international awareness, compassion, integrity and moral certainty. SIS Egypt is equipped with air conditioned classrooms and interactive white boards, science labs, computer labs, primary library, multipurpose auditorium equipped with Smart Board and other media tools and a central library which is all designed according to the academic international standards and regulations. Adding to our provision the school offers extensive tennis courts, grassed areas and other high standard specialist facilities.Smart International School Egypt is a pioneering international British school on Egyptian soil. With an ancient backdrop of formidable interest, being the pyramids and Sphinx of Giza, it respects and nurtures Egyptian culture while adhering to the highest standards of British Education. A registered attached member of the Cambridge International Primary Programme, University of Cambridge International Examinations (CIE). A registered British Council attached centre offering Cambridge Lower secondary Programme, IGCSE, AS and A Levels from Cambridge International Examination Centre No. EG093. A registered British Council attached centre offering IGCSE, AS and A Levels from Edexcel International Board - Centre No. 91224.Registered as an International School with the Egyptian Ministry of Education Ministerial Decree No. 219 dated 16/8/2004). Equipped with air conditioned classrooms and interactive white boards, science labs, computer labs, primary library, multipurpose auditorium equipped with Smart Board and other media tools and a central library which is all designed according to the academic international standards and regulations. Winner of the University of Cambridge International Examinations And British Council Award for being the first school in Egypt to deliver the Cambridge International Primary Programme (CIPP)

EasySchools-Rajac Schools-logo

Rajac Schools

Rajac School seeks to develop well educated students to meet the demands of the future.The school graduates are expected to meet the challenges of rapidly changing world,and are expected to value the importance of up holding academic and moral excellence to take a learning part in tomorrow’s world-No mention at all to my mind the establishment of an educational institution .. The purpose of financial investment was the main objective is to contribute to nurture a generation ever Egyptian figures belong to the Arab world .. pregnant elements of those factors - mental, physical and cultural .. able to meet and keep up with openness to the world. After the insight of all the educational and cultural activities and sports .. Was planning to choose the appropriate area for the establishment of this school was chosen as an area of about 12 acres. Design engineering for buildings in the form of an unfamiliar school buildings and was selected as the eight-chapter to achieve the purposes of psychological, health and education so that they are appropriate ventilation and natural lighting from all sides has made this design purposes ..All praise locally and internationally. With interest the sports and cultural activities which the student earns different skills within each stage was introduced for non-traditional games for schools. Rjac educational institution established in 1981 and the institute of English. In 1987, the Institute specialization certificate in teaching English called the equation (GCE) and then (IGCSE) starting from kindergarten through secondary school. Z was created in 1999 and the French school at the above-mentioned to be the second language is English or German. In the same year was the opening of intellectual Department of Education and those with special needs. In 2001 established a school Rjac America and the consent of the CITA International Ministerial Decree No. 50/2003. With significant expansion in the school and ease of management that achieve the sound management of Education, schools were divided into several separate departments

EasySchools-Nefertari International school-logo

Nefertari International school

The Nefertari International Schools aim to empower its students with challenging programs of international education and rigorous assessment through using state of art technology. It also aims to develop in students the knowledge skills and attitudes from an international perspective and intercultural understanding while maintaining their cultural identity as Egyptians. It strives at educating the whole person who shall serve as a responsible, compassionate and well informed citizen. Nefertari International Schools provide skilled and committed teachers who apply recent teaching methodologies, and technology to subject areas. It strives to create a happy, motivated, friendly and supportive learning environment.

EasySchools-International Schools of kenana-logo

International Schools of kenana

Develop students’ potentialsEnroot moral values and national loyalty in students’ charactersFoster group and interactive learning.Use the latest high technology and latest academic methods of attracting students’ attention to insure their knowledge

EasySchools-Bardy Language School-logo

Bardy Language School

Bardy School offers the best elements of KG-3rd Secondary co-education up to the Egyptian General Certificate of Secondary Education (Thanawya Aama) as well as preparedness for the American High School Diploma supplemented by modern and international education practices. The education process is founded upon high academic and moral values and judgment. We hope to provide a solid foundation for Bardy students to succeed in an ever changing multicultural world. Bardy School offers an innovative learning environment that relates directly to the student's needs and abilities. It is an environment that enables the students to take responsibility for their learning. Teachers act as coaches and facilitators helping to guide students through the learning process. Together, teacher and students take ownership of the learning process and an interactive classroom is created. The student can continue at their own pace. Those needing greater reinforcement can stay with the teacher for additional support. The school area of 14,000 square meters offers the students the room to work, collaborate and team together, inspire one another and benefit from each other in skills and experience. Our small classes provide the essence of learning for each and every child. Much more attention and focus is given for the child.We aim to give each child and student a balanced level of education, motivation and values. We aim to develop the whole personality and to excite new interests in each learner so that when Bardy students leave school we can expect them to become effective, upbeat and responsible members of the society. Since established in 1995, Bardy School values human worth. Our focus is always on growing potential: to help students discover and appreciate their own uniqueness and values, and to provide an environment where there is freedom, order and a balance between the needs of the individual and those of the community. Bardy School believes that learning is a team effort involving the student, parents, teachers and community. All strive to foster a friendly co-operative working relationship at home, work and society.

EasySchools-Seeds British School-logo

Seeds British School

SBS is a premium school that is established to develop independent internationally-minded learners, distinguished by their outstanding education.



"GVS is committed to providinga distinctive high quality education with emphasis on languages to meet theeducational needs of the international andnational community, while preserving the Egyptian identity -at a reasonable cost"

EasySchools-New Generation International Schools-logo

New Generation International Schools

New Generation International Schools (NG), is a bilingual american international school that adopts the "Balanced Approach". We offer a warm, nurturing, and friendly environment that helps foster children's imagination and ease them into the beginning of structured learning.NG faculty and staff are known for their utmost professionalism. They are charismatic, outgoing, caring and inspiring individuals who are enthusiastic, self-motivated and handpicked to work with your children. We can say, with full confidence, that our staff is fully capable of building self-confidence and molding future well-balanced leaders in today’s world. Our staff adopts differentiated methods of teaching and technology based-learning. The school follows a rigorous curriculum. Their course of study is in the subjects they study, as well as in their disciplinary studies. This requires them to question assumptions, engage in self-reflection, think critically and analytically, and communicate effectively, both orally and in writing. These long-standing objectives of a liberal education, however, must be modified in light of a changing world and new methods of teaching and learning. In addition to core classes, students generally are required to take classes in subjects such as the arts and foreign languages. All core classes must prepare students to connect, to life beyond the school, and help them understand and appreciate the complexities of the world and their role in it. Core classes provide opportunities for students to be engaged in their learning. Students take ownership for their work by working in cooperative learning groups and apply what they learn and prepare them for college and the road ahead. NG also has created "Charisma", our Character Building Program. This tailored program teaches our students about ethics, having high moral value and good citizenship. We offer the Advanced Placement Program (AP) for high school students. Our competitive advantage is not only to offer a state-of-the-art campus or just a strong academic program, but our engagement in 10 annual events is another major venue for building our youth's characters. Events ranging from Science Fairs, to Math Day, Quran Competition, Sports' Day, International Day, Egypt Day, Spelling Bee, English/Arabic productions, Winter Shows, Art Galleries, Music & Band performances..., speak for themselves. The NG calendar, with its wide range of activities, sustains our belief that "practice is the best of all instructors".

EasySchools-Nile Sons International School-logo

Nile Sons International School

Balanced Curriculumprovide our students, well-balanced curriculum by using a range of instructional techniques to serve their individual needs best.Strengthening Personalityprovide our students the opportunity to develop and strengthen their personality.Developing Skillssupport our students in developing the skills and competences necessary for a successful life in our global society.

EasySchools-Stanford School-logo

Stanford School

Stanford Language School prepares students to understand, contribute to, and succeed in a rapidly changing society, and thus make the world a better and more just place. We will lead in generating practical and theoretical knowledge that enables people to better understand our world and improve conditions for local and global communities.

EasySchools-The Continental School of Cairo-logo

The Continental School of Cairo

* To create a happy and stimulating learning environment and to develop the school as a caring community, fostering in each student an attitude of self respect, responsibility and concern for the welfare of others.* To provide a strong academic base and skills set to prepare and equip our students for higher education.* To encourage all students to achieve their fullest potential academically, socially and physically.* To promote knowledge and understanding of the interdependence of people, the environment and resources.* To help students acquire a reasoned set of moral values and to develop aesthetic awareness and creative ability.* To encourage a confident, independent and flexible approach to learning and living.* To provide, with due regard for each student's background, a continuum of learning experiences which may be developed and built upon. * To promote opportunities for students to experience and understand a variety of activities that enhance their physical well-being and health.