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EasySchools-Al Waha Language Schools-logo

Al Waha Language Schools

Al Waha American School will provide all students with an opportunity to use theirtalents and abilities to achieve their full potential in a safe environment that promotesa multi-lingual and multi-cultural society.It is our vision that students are actively engaged in accessing and discoveringknowledge with the teacher, who is responsible for authentically assessing student workWe envision a school where students’ achievements are the result of integratedinstruction, cooperative learning and other research-based teaching methods.Through the use of the most modern instructional materials, we aim to provide anenthusiastic and innovative approach to teaching and learning that will producestudents who are knowledgeable, tolerant, critical-thinkers who will becomesuccessful adults.

EasySchools-Notion International School-logo

Notion International School

The purpose of Notion International School is to develop staff, students and parents into internationally minded leaders, who are encouraged to demonstrate the attributes of the IB profile.Everything we do in the school must contribute to one or more of the following outcomes:•Develop leaders and smart creative Scholars ready for the 21st Century Requirements.•Strive towards developing an internationally Minded people.

EasySchools-Paradise language schools-logo

Paradise language schools

Paradise language schools

EasySchools-Al Hayat Modern Language School-logo

Al Hayat Modern Language School

Al Hayat Modern Language School KG, Primary, Preparatory, Secondary

EasySchools-Valley language schools-logo

Valley language schools

Welcome to Valley Schools. Our main targets are to create a happy, healthy and stimulating atmosphere to encourage positive attitudes towards learning .To enhance our performance we need your utmost cooperation and support for our policies.On behalf of the teaching and administrative staff, we are looking forward to a mutual beneficial relationship that will generate academic and personal growth for our students. Your cooperation with the school will be more beneficial if you are aware of the school vision and beliefs.The administration will put all your suggestions and opinions into consideration to achieve our goals.