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EasySchools-Sam Baiker School-logo

Sam Baiker School

Preparing students from the age of four through programs of character building using educational and recreational methods of student learning how to creativityInvolving students in practical situations, monitoring the reactions and responses to test his/her capabilities and identify weaknesses to improve it and develop points of strengthsWe develop student physically through extra attention to the various types of team and individual sportsWe do our best to graduate complimentary student who has integrated skillsWe rely on our approach to training and not indoctrinationBuilding information and experimental skills in student’s personalityTrain the student to interact in several cultures napping more than two languages.

EasySchools-Cairo American College-logo

Cairo American College

Cairo American College is a world class learning environment that affirms the voice, passions and talents of students and inspires them to use their hearts and minds as global citizens.

EasySchools-The British School In Cairo-logo

The British School In Cairo

The British School in Cairo has come a long way since its establishment back in August, 2004. It has grown in so many ways – in physical size, in the facilities on campus, in the number of pupils on roll (which has tripled to more than a thousand), and in reputation in the local community.Many of us who have been honoured to participate in the School’s journey since then are justifiably proud of its various achievements. We have now started to see pupils who spent a decade or so at the School graduate and enter top universities and competitive faculties, either in Egypt or overseas, many of them with full scholarships. It has been gratifying to see how pupils have flourished at the British School in Cairo over the years, not only academically, but also socially, physically and culturally. They have had the opportunity to take part in a rich array of sporting, citizenship and extra-curricular activities, such as trips in Egypt and overseas, camps, musical shows, debates and concerts.Our pupils continue to be at the heart of our concerns and our decision-making. We are proud of our reputation of having some of the most pleasant and best behaved cohorts of pupils in any school, and wish to remain selective in our intake, and to retain the highest standards of ethics and behaviour at all times. Levels of academic achievement continue to increase over the years, with some year groups having 100 percent of their pupils at or above the year group target in core skills, despite a vast majority of second-language learners.We wish to retain and consolidate our strong links with the local community, including the many charity events managed by founding Administrative Principal, Ms Mouchira Louis, such as the annual fundraising Fun Day and Orphans’ Day events. We also retain a Partnership Agreement with the British University in Egypt, which offers a full scholarship to the top graduates of our IGCSE section, led by Coordinator and IGCSE Principal Ms A’mal Amer, each year.The Senior Leadership of the school, including many dedicated and long-serving Key Stage Heads, also aims to strengthen relationships with our parent base, including via the new Foundation Parent Workshops and Key Stage One events held this year.It is our passionate belief that our youngsters deserve the very best, fully rounded international education possible; to equip them not only for university and the workplace, but also to shape their characters and build their cultural, sporting and other interests and values, as well as general life skills. It is our aim to ignite their inbuilt passion and thirst for new knowledge and skills, and inspire them with a lifetime love of learning. Only in that way, will they truly face the new and fast-changing demands of coming decades and develop into leaders and pioneers in their own right.Finally, a word of thanks. Thank you to every pupil, parent and staff member for their vital contribution to the School. Every word and every action makes a difference, and has made a difference, to building a School which is far more than just the buildings and facilities, but is actually a close-knit family, or community of learners, old and young alike, centred around a shared mission of meeting pupils’ needs. We all look forward to seeing the School continue to develop and flourish much further into its second decade of existence and beyond.

EasySchools-Summits International Schools-logo

Summits International Schools

Summits International School committed to providing a supportive learning environment in which independence, self-confidence and resilience is encouraged and creativity and co-operation are nurtured. Our international curriculum, which is delivered in English, aims to encourage our students to strive for excellence and provide them with the necessary skills and zest for learning to become global citizens of an ever-changing world.

EasySchools-British International Modern School-logo

British International Modern School

The British International Modern School (BIMS) as a subsidiary of Modern School Group was established in 1970 to meet the demand for Egyptians and residents of Egypt by providing semi internationally recognized degrees, with highest standards.British International Modern School will assist Egypt Government and private sector to realise the goals of the Egypt Government Strategy to build an Egyptian workforce that can effectively and efficiently manage the challenges of their future labour market.BIMS’s curriculums are designed to equip students with the knowledge, practical skills and the maturity required in the workforce. The priority at BIMS is high-quality teaching and learning. Through an innovative curriculum, excellent resources, highly qualified and dedicated teachers, each student's individual learning style is catered for. Each student is strongly supported in their learning. Simultaneously, the students are encouraged in other areas of their learning, including music, debating, drama, sport, personal development and community service.British International Modern School, in the association with its international affiliates, adopted certain aspects of its curriculum more in line with the international standards. Integrated Modern School aspires to provide world class education. Its vision is to be one of the leading schools in the local industry.Students also visit industry and business workplaces to observe and learn about industry and business operations on site, and all students complete a work placement project to learn how to apply their skills in the workplace.By expecting academic excellence, we inspire personal growth and develop intrinsically motivated global citizens who are committed to being leaders in community service and environmental responsibility.

EasySchools-NOOR Schools-logo

NOOR Schools

Our purpose is to procreate balanced, responsible, confident and intelligent young adults who are able to make sound decisions based on logic and morality, throughout:* Providing a safe environment equipped with the best standards of teaching service.* Cultivating a successful student able to contribute to the community positively and effectively for the time being and for the future.* Enhancing the professional development of the teaching staff.* Setting a flexible and up to date policy serving the parent's needs, student's requirements and the society demands on equal bases.

EasySchools-Maadi Narmer School-logo

Maadi Narmer School

Maadi Narmer School aims to fulfill the different individual needs for quality learning, acquisition of knowledge & skills, and cultural development. By providing motivation for student excellence, MNS will achieve international standards and assist members of the community to reach their full potential as productive members of a changing society.

EasySchools-Lycée Français du Caire.-logo

Lycée Français du Caire.

Lycée Français du Caire.

EasySchools-Sama International School-logo

Sama International School

Sama American School seeks fostering an atmosphere of acquiescence among the school learners.We support students’ engagement in designing and implementing their own lifelong learning journey.We provide a dynamic, challenging and comprehensive curriculum that develops students’ communication skills and builds up confidence, creativity, positive thinking and analytic skills.Therefore, Sama American School grants citizens ready to leave their prints in tomorrow’s challenging world.

EasySchools-Gana Al Eslam Language Acadmic-logo

Gana Al Eslam Language Acadmic

jana eleslam academy nursery and homeschooling located in mokatam cairo

EasySchools-Futures - Le College Francais-logo

Futures - Le College Francais

Futures - Le College Francais

EasySchools-Future Rise language School-logo

Future Rise language School

Is to create a happy & secure environment where your children can learn at their own pace about the world ,themselves &people around them. Supervised by dedicated & experienced, caring teachers will inspire them to develop their characters to become balanced confident little learners &beyond.