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Pakistan International School Cairo

Embassy of Pakistan Cairo has maintained a cherished tradition of Pakistan Missions Abroad to provide affordable education facilities to its diasporas. Pakistan International School started functioning in Cairo, in 1982, under the supervision and guidance of the Ambassador of Pakistan. The school primarily sought to cater to the needs of children of the Pakistani community living in Cairo. However, in order to maintain the optimal teacher-student ratio in every class, the school opened its doors to the children of other expatriates. Their response was overwhelming. The PISC was thus able to gain the name and fame of an international school.The school is run under the auspices of the Embassy of Pakistan. It is supervised by a Board of Governors, which is chaired by the Ambassador of Pakistan to Egypt. Every effort is made to select Members of the Board from different walks of life, to benefit from their experiences and ideas. Preference is given to the community but parent representatives are also welcomed.The school offers international curriculum of Cambridge Primary, Secondary and IGCSE, AS, A levels and Edexcel (London University) IGCSE for all students. PISC has the status of a private international school and is not tied to the Egyptian education system. The language of instruction is English.PISC has enjoyed consistent examination success in all systems and at all levels and we are proud of being one of the top academic schools in Cairo as our students have gained entry to leading universities around the world.Zamalek campus of PISC is equipped with modern educational tools such as; a tartan surfaced multi-sports court, the state-of- the-art science and computer laboratories and an enticing library. The classrooms are also equipped with smart white-boards and projectors.The curricular and extra-curricular activities offered by the school are aimed at making the child’s learning experience positive and productive. Every effort is therefore made to harness the potential talent and social interests of the children. Hence, the school seeks to integrate academic pursuit with extra-curricular activities, which include sports, music, art and outdoor excursions to develop the personalities and abilities of our students.

Dar El Tarbiah Schools

Dar El Tarbiah School is an Egyptian educational institution founded in 1958 by Dr. Nawal El Degwi. Dar El Tarbiah was the first English-language instruction medium institution founded by Egyptians. It provides education in the Kindergarten and Grades 1 to 12 (In the Kindergarten and Grades 1 to 6 , the school is named 'Baby Home School') The institution currently includes seven schools in Cairo and is one of the first educational institutions in Egypt. It has national, international, American and I.G.C.S.E (British) sections.Dar El Tarbiah was licensed in 1958 by the Egyptian Government, and became licensed as a “British,” system school in 1970.The school, or the system of schools, of which it is part, is authorized to operate by and within the civil jurisdiction in which it is located. It has a clearly designed governing authority. There are sufficient resources present to offer adequate programs at all levels. The school or system of schools operates in the public interest; and all, or nearly all, resources obtained for educational purposes are dedicated to the education of students, the administrative, instructional, and support staff are appropriately qualified for assigned duties. The governing authority of the school understands the purposes, methods, and standards of national school accreditation. The records and operations of the school are open to evaluation; and the school community and staff are prepared to participate in a CITA approved accreditation protocol.The school is a successful part of the Egyptian educational landscape that is forty years old. During this period of time the institution has had both a stable work force as well as a stable student population.Educational materials are in compliance with both the minister of education’s standardsas well as the IGCSE‘s standards.