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EasySchools-Beverly Hills Schools-logo

Beverly Hills Schools

Beverly Hills English Language School (BHS)prepares students to understand, contribute to, and succeed in a rapidly changing society, and make the world a better and more just place. We will ensure that our students develop both the skills a sound liberal arts education provides and the competencies essential for success and leadership in the emerging creative economy. We will also lead in generating practical and theoretical knowledge that enables people to better understand our world and improve conditions for local and global communities.

EasySchools-Pioneers Language Schools-logo

Pioneers Language Schools

PLS mission is to provide our student with a learning enviroment that will allow them to develop as independent learners with a strong of morality; culture identity and self worth and enthusiasm for life-long learning while involving parents and the community as essential partners.Pioneers Language School is dedicated to provide an instructional program that is characterized by being dynamic, developmental, challenging, stimulating and relevant to the live of our students.Academics: A commitment to scholarship, and the application of knowledge.Activities : A commitment to provide a wide range og activities that enrih and strengthen the student's total school experience.Arts : A commitment to provide instruction that promotes an appreciation for all art forms various perspectives including cultural, historical, traditional and aesthetics.Athletics : A commitment to promote physical, social and emotional development through teamwork, fair play, fitness and self-discipline.

EasySchools-Dream International Schools-logo

Dream International Schools

Dream International Schools will provide a diverse, rich and college preparatory education to all students in a respectable, challenging and harmonious environment. This type of environment provides the students with the opportunity to experience success and prepare them to participate in society effectively.

EasySchools-Al Khalil Language Schools-logo

Al Khalil Language Schools

is to empower children in mind, body and spirit to be successful self confident, independent citizens while inspiring them to be life long learners. Children are challenged in order to achieve their full academic, social, emotional, behavioral, and physical potential.

EasySchools-Heritage International School-logo

Heritage International School

Heritage International School’s mission is to develop a child-centered system of education that allows students to become independent thinkers in their own right

EasySchools-Maharat Super Global School-logo

Maharat Super Global School

Equip our children to become future reformers and leaders through premium global educational programs along with integrated disciplinary programs and other activities, in addition to adequate training programs, and consultancy services.We are committed to providing global educational programs complemented by comprehensive mental, physical, technical and artistic programs, in addition to providing adequate trainings and school consultancy services”

EasySchools-Royal International Language Schools-logo

Royal International Language Schools

Royal Language Schools is committed to providing high quality, education that encourages independence of thoughts, an enduring love of learning and shaping its students into responsible members of their communities both locally and globally.

EasySchools-Middle East Canadian European Schools-logo

Middle East Canadian European Schools

It's an International Full Day School and it's one of a group of affiliated schools around the world

EasySchools-The British International School in Cairo-logo

The British International School in Cairo

The school’s mission is to be a vibrant international community offering an outstanding British-style education, focused on independent learning and the promotion of global citizenship. Established in 1976, The British International School, Cairo is one of Egypt's leading academic institutions.It is renowned for the quality of its education, the care it gives to its pupils and the sheer breadth of student achievement. As a not-for-profit, coeducational day school, BISC is committed to excellence in international education through a broad, balanced and progressive curriculum.

EasySchools-Special Education for Advancement "SEA"-logo

Special Education for Advancement "SEA"

At the School of Special Education for Advancement (SEA) we have set our mandate to give children and youth with disabilities equal opportunity of education and employment of sustainable jobs. We aspire to achieve inclusion for over 10,000,000 Egyptians with disabilities in our everyday professional and social lives. To do this our job is to fine the potential in each individual and develop it into a qualification.Looking back at history, we find many people who were disabilities have played a key role in changing the world around us. It is the environment and opportunities afforded to them as individuals which have shaped their future. We here at SEA focus on the abilities of our students, doing our best continuously to make them competitive and independent. Every student at SEA is special in their own way and so are their needs, this is why our team of professionals, doctors, specialized consultants, teachers and assistants in collaboration with parents work to identify the strengths and areas of need for each individual student.The SEA school compound provides all the necessary and essential needs of our students, with facilities ranging from sports, arts, music, technology, in addition to acres of greenery and vegetation all from above a plateau overlooking the great pyramids of Giza, making our school one of the best equipped educational institutions to handle a diversity of disabilities ranging from obesity to autism.At SEA we believe in inclusion of the disabled into our society where they can thrive and contribute to their own growth and development and that of their communities

EasySchools-Green Land Pre Vert International Schools-logo

Green Land Pre Vert International Schools

GPIS aims to contribute in making the world a better place.To fulfill this objective, GPIS education fosters respect for international as well as national cultures; history and societies while providing its learners with high quality IB education in a local environment. This education values and protectstheir sense of identity. The school enables its students to master two foreign lanuages besides Arabic (English & French), equipping them with skills to succeed in communicating internationally.GPIS strives to develop leaders for the future who are tolerant, caring, reflective, creative and disciplined lifelong learners who contribute in the development of their communities and serve effectively in an internationally mobile world.GPIS creates value for all its stakeholders through continous improvement of the profile, performance and satisfaction of all its community members, embracing them all in an atmosphere of genuine care and love.Branches of the Nurseries: Mohandeseen and Zayed Branches of the Schools: Giza and Zayed

EasySchools-Nile Egyptian schools-logo

Nile Egyptian schools

Nile Egyptian schools International American