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Manchester International School

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02 23456030 ,23456031 ,23456032, 23456034 ,23456035, 011 00968810 , 011 56666940 , 011 11786688


Jasmine Services Area 2, 1st Neighborhood, Behind Police Academy, Cairo Show On Map

Manchester International School

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School number

02 23456030 ,23456031 ,23456032, 23456034 ,23456035, 011 00968810 , 011 56666940 , 011 11786688
Jasmine Services Area 2, 1st Neighborhood, Behind Police Academy, Cairo Show On Map

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School fees
Igcse Primary School 1st Grade
60000 EGP
Igcse kindergarten Kg-1
55000 EGP
Igcse Primary School 2nd Grade
60000 EGP
Igcse Primary School 3rd Grade
65000 EGP
Igcse Primary School 4th Grade
65000 EGP
Igcse Primary School 5th Grade
70000 EGP
Igcse Primary School 6th Grade
70000 EGP
Igcse kindergarten Kg-2
55000 EGP
Igcse High School 1st Grade
80000 EGP
Igcse High School 2nd Grade
85000 EGP
Igcse High School 3rd Grade
85000 EGP
Igcse Middle School 1st Grade
75000 EGP
Igcse Middle School 2nd Grade
75000 EGP
Igcse Middle School 3rd Grade
80000 EGP

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ماهو العنصر الذي لو وجد في الحليب لأصبح الحليب‎ ‎غذاء كامل ؟





about Manchester International School

Manchester International School is an officially accredited British school authorised by the Egyptian Ministry of Education.

Since 2014, we have been providing successive high quality mainstream, education across academic Year groups from Foundation Stage 1 to Year 12.

In an era with so many distractions in life, we recognise the importance of providing our students with vibrant, fresh and engaging academic stimulus and positive social influences during their educational journey.

We offer modern, world class facilities in our purpose built campus situated in the affluent suburbs of New Cairo/Tagamo.

Our mindset is aligned with British fundamental standards, values and education, whilst respectfully understanding the cultural ethos of today’s modern Egypt.

Our students are empowered individuals who learn how to excel in their studies and embed lifelong skills into their future successes and well-being, whatever choices and paths they take in life.

MIS graduates leave with internationally recognised qualifications such as IGCSEs and O/AS/A-Levels awarded by Cambridge Assessment International Education and Pearson Edexcel. These world renowned credentials provide crucial stepping stones to the top universities and educational institutes in both Egypt and abroad.


Manchester International School aims to ensure that every individual is inspired and equipped to achieve their very best,

and receives the care, guidance and support they need to both enjoy their learning experience. 

We actively motivate our students to be enthusiastic, resilient, collaborative 

and empowered individuals who strive for excellence.

We have a committed professional team who are passionate and dedicated to 

providing our students with life enriching skills, knowledge and exciting experiences. 

It is our shared responsibility to ensure their education at MIS instils a strong foundation 

in preparation for their next steps in their academic choices and career paths.


Our Mission Statement

We seek to create a challenging learning environment that encourages high expectations for success through development-appropriate instruction that allows for individual differences and learning styles. Our school promotes a safe, orderly, caring, and supportive environment. Each student's self-esteem is fostered by positive relationships between students and staff. We encourage our parents, teachers, and community members to become actively involved in our students' learning.


Our Vision

We are committed to helping students achieve their goals. With a strong focus on education we will nurture critical thinkers who are intellectually curious and effective communicators to ensure that every student can reach their full potential.


Our Aims

Our students will: 

Become independent thinkers and lifelong learners;

Develop a love for learning, an understanding of excellence and how it can be achieved both educationally and creatively;

Develop high levels of self-respect, self-esteem and respect and care for others;

Set high personal standards for their learning.

We shall achieve these aims by: 

Continually seeking to improve our standards of teaching, learning and citizenship;

Teaching students how to learn effectively;

Making learning stimulating, challenging, exciting and enjoyable;

Encouraging students to learn from their inevitable mistakes;

Using teaching and learning strategies matched to individual learning styles;

Constructively correcting negative attitudes and behaviour;

Creating opportunities for students to apply their learning to entirely new situations;

Presenting achievable but challenging opportunities for success;

Rewarding positive attitudes, behaviour and success;

Giving students increasingly responsible roles within the school;

Encouraging students to help and care for others;

Teaching students the fundamental importance of positive human relationships;

Providing opportunities to make a positive contribution to their environment and school;

Working with parents in close partnership, offering regular consultations, encouraging involvement and support in their children's learning and ensuring accessibility and participation in the life of the school.



Manchester International School is a modern and fresh purpose-designed institution, which opened in 2014. We are equipped with the highest quality facilities in order to support our students’ academic experience from Foundation Stage 1 to Year 12.


Our school campus is located in New Cairo, within the 1st District, next to El Yasmin Services in Zone 2, which is behind the Police Academy.

The entire campus is guarded by our professional security team who ensure all gates are monitored and the safety of all school occupants. Additional protection is provided by manned high-tec security cameras across all internal and external areas.MIS is serviced by high-speed Wi-Fi coverage and has a dedicated in-house IT Department.

Students have the option of having lunch in our fully equipped cafeteria, which offers a wide range of healthy meals and refreshments.



Our classrooms are purposely designed to provide our students with the best atmosphere conductive for learning.

We have ensured they are spacious, well lit and each room has fully-serviced air-conditioning. Our classrooms are equipped with interactive smart boards, comfortable age-specific ergonomic furniture with wide display surfaces.

Our teachers are provided with all the necessary current modern text books, equipment and teaching resources, thus ensuring the highest quality of international teaching and learning.

Each academic department has its own contained areas; Foundation Stage Department includes a dedicated and secure outside play-garden complete with shaded areas.


Dedicated Facilities

Our campus was designed with a rich educational experience in mind, so we incorporated Science labs, Computer suites, Art studios and 

Music rooms.



We have provided two fully stocked libraries to support our students need for information and research study skills.

We hold many academic text books, reference guides, fictional books for personal enjoyment as well as books in 4 languages.

Books may also be borrowed from the library for use at home for a prescribed time period.

Our professional friendly librarians are always on hand to help and advise.

 "If you want your children to be intelligent, read them fairy tales. 

If you want them to be more intelligent, read them more fairy tales." 

- Albert Einstein



Our modern theatre provides a large optimum space for presentations, shows and festivities.

Comprising of a full performance stage, combining a cinematic screen, state of the art audio and lighting facilities as well as backstage preparation suites.

MIS parents are invited during the year to attend our annual shows.


Sports Facilities

MIS has top of the range sports facilities that include a convertible multi-sports court, astro-turfed football pitches, a mirrored dance hall, fully equipped gym plus two indoor heated swimming pools comprising of a semi Olympic and a smaller-sized pool. 

Physical Education is a crucial and compulsory part of our curriculum for all students.



What is an accreditation? An accreditation is an externally licensed validation process where a school is evaluated and monitored by ongoing external inspections, in which the school has to continually demonstrate consistent achievement of strict standards and criteria set by external and officially recognised organisations & award bodies. 


Why are accreditations important? Accreditations are important because they provide assurance that it has been officially determined and verified that Manchester International School meets and/or exceeds the required standards for providing quality international education in not only teaching, but management, resources, environment, welfare and also the care of our students.


MIS is continually reviewing its educational standards and bench-marking itself against international standards and recognised advancements within its field, as part of our aim to be at the forefront of providing a modern international educational learning experience.


Egyptian Ministry of Education

In line with the laws of The Arab Republic of Egypt, Manchester International School is fully licensed by the EMOE to provide mainstream education to students from Foundation Stage 1 to Year 12. We abide by all regulations and ensure all our students are registered with the ministry.


Cambridge Assessment International Education (CAIE)

 MIS is officially accredited by CAIE for the provision of Cambridge Pathway including  Cambridge Primary, Cambridge Lower Secondary, Cambridge Upper Secondary and Cambridge Advanced curricula including CheckPoint exams, IGCSEs, A-Levels, AS-Levels and O-levels. 


Pearson Edexcel

 MIS is officially accredited by Pearson Edexcel for the provision of IGCSEs, A-Levels, AS-Levels and O-levels.


British Council

 MIS is an official partnership school of The British Council, Egypt and enjoys an ongoing professional collaboration  in regards to matters such as providing British curricula, CheckPoint Exams.

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