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Maadi British International School

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2002705 8671,20027058672,20027058673


4th District, Zahraa El Maadi Maadi, Cairo, Egypt Show On Map

Maadi British International School

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School number

2002705 8671,20027058672,20027058673
4th District, Zahraa El Maadi Maadi, Cairo, Egypt Show On Map

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Igcse Middle School 1st Grade
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Igcse Primary School 1st Grade
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Igcse Primary School 3rd Grade
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Igcse Middle School 2nd Grade
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Igcse Middle School 3rd Grade
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about Maadi British International School

MBIS is a well-established and highly respected school in Cairo, offering first-class education to expatriate children. Our friendly, multi-cultural school truly represents the spirit of internationalism with nearly 400 children aged 2 to 13 years from 40 different countries.The highly experienced British staff and small class sizes ensure individual attention, excellence in teaching and enjoyment of learning. Our children also benefit from specialist teachers in ICT, music, second languages, drama and PE. We combine high standards with a rich and broad range of learning experiences based on the English National Curriculum.Our very attractive, well-resourced and stimulating learning environment encourages children to explore, question, experiment, build confidence and acquire independence. At MBIS, children quickly identify themselves as enthusiastic and effective learners, fully developing their potential within a framework of caring values and mutual respect.

Our Vision - Learning for Life

Learning for Life...

Maadi British International School is the school of choice for the discerning parent. Judged as ‘excellent in all areas’ by the UK Independent Schools Inspectorate, MBIS offers your child a high-quality British education with an equal focus on their personal development. MBIS has the widest international community of all schools yet equally benefits from the scale of a small, family environment. MBIS guarantees your child a truly unique learning experience!

Maadi British International School provides children with the knowledge, skills and understanding that will empower them to be well-rounded, successful members of an ever changing, culturally diverse world community.

At Maadi British International School we are committed to providing a happy, positive learning environment where children, teenagers and adults are:

Successful independent and collaborative learners 

Confident, cooperative team players and responsible leaders

Flexible, resourceful and resilient

Reflective, honest and trustworthy

Responsible, caring global citizens

All good schools place importance on academic achievement. Excellent schools place equal importance on developing the whole child: personally and socially. At MBIS we provide a holistic approach to education.

Central to this endeavor are the MBIS ‘Personal Learning Goals’. These goals are qualities, attitudes and skills that we aim to develop in all the children. It is our firm belief that these five aspirational goals will enable the children to be effective learners and happy, successful members of society – they will thread all the way through the children’s learning journey with us and continue into adult life.


Our 5 Personal Learning Goals are:

Respect - ‘We value others and the world in which we live’

Valuing different views, beliefs and cultures

Caring for the environment

Respecting others’ bodies and personal space

Demonstrating appropriate behaviour and manners

Respecting our own and others’ possessions

Reflectiveness - ‘We think about what we say and do’

Knowing what is ‘the right thing to do’

Connecting what we have been learning to other experiences

Planning what to do next

Using time well

Keeping safe

Resilience - ‘We keep trying, even when things are difficult!’

Concentrating really well

Learning from mistakes

Having a ‘can do’ attitude

Keeping at tasks even when they become difficult

Relationships - ‘We cooperate well with others’

Communicating well

Working as part of a team

Taking a lead

Being honest and trustworthy

Helping others

Knowing ourselves

Resourcefulness - ‘We find other ways of doing things’

Knowing what to do when things are unclear

Asking good questions

Using different learning styles

Finding and using tools, materials and resources

Taking risks

Finding other ways of doing things

A unique symbol visually represents the 5 Personal Learning Goals – Cleo the Cat!  An animal was incorporated into the design to enable the children to meaningfully connect with the Personal Learning Goals.  The cat - an animal very much associated with our host country - suited this purpose well.  The cat was named ‘Cleo’ following a whole school competition.  A very fitting name! The triangle represents am Egyptian pyramid; the four colours reflect our four House Teams of Fire (Red), Water (Blue), Air (Yellow) and Earth (Green)

Cleo can be found in our main entrance and in every classroom and shared learning area of the school. The Personal Learning Goals are regularly used by the teachers in the planning, delivery and assessment of lessons; they form a reference point for classroom discussion; they provide personalised targets for children; and they are the drivers behind a new positive behaviour policy. The Personal Learning Goals will effectively become part of the ‘language of learning’ at MBIS.

We encourage parents to ask their children about the Personal Learning Goals and what they mean to him/her.  By adopting the goals at home they provide excellent reinforcement of their child’s learning.

Our school motto is ‘Learning for Life’. The Personal Learning Goals embody this shared vision for the children of MBIS.



The English National Curriculum (ENC) is widely regarded as a rigorous programme that ensures a high quality provision. It is recognized and valued by the international community.

As a British school overseas, our curriculum is firmly based on the ENC and fully reflects recent changes made by the UK government. Equally, our curriculum is very much a learning programme for the 21st century, carefully tailored to meet the needs of our global students. In other words, whilst the ENC directs what to teach, our curriculum methodology provides a unique vehicle of delivery, the how to teach.

At MBIS, the programmes of study carry the learning objectives of the ENC through topics that have real appeal and relevance to the children. The children are truly ‘hooked’ by what they are learning and consequently their motivation, application and quality of learning are all fully enhanced.

In our creative curriculum, the teaching is thematic, with subjects across the curriculum meaningfully linked, supporting children’s understanding of ‘the big picture’. Learning is making connections and our creative curriculum explicitly supports this.

The topic areas are ‘child-friendly’. Our curriculum features a range of topics with immediate interest for the children. For example, our Year 4 children enjoy Lotions & Potions - a unit of study based on the Harry Potter books! The children are fully engaged and standards of learning are high. Science, History and Geography are taught in a connected manner, with other subject areas - especially English - linked in where appropriate.

Additionally, each topic has a ‘Launch Pad’ and a ‘Landing Pad’ - a special activity/experience to mark the start and end of the learning. Very often, parents are invited to share this with the children. Wherever possible, parent support and expert help is actively sought throughout each topic.

School trips also support the learning. For example, in Term 1, Year 5 visit a ‘hands-on’ robotics and technology centre in connection with their topic called Inventions.


Our creative curriculum:

has relevance and purpose

is inquiry-based: with children exploring key questions and creating their own questions along the way

is driven by skills acquisition as well as knowledge development

advocates a range of teaching and learning styles to meet children’s individual needs

promotes active learning and direct experience

encourages independent and collaborative learning

is fun, with a ‘wow’ factor!

involves parents at every opportunity

extends learning into the local environment/community

is rigorous and comprehensive - meeting all the requirements of the English National Curriculum

is highly praised by the UK Independent Schools Inspectorate (2016)

The creative curriculum applies to the Early Years and Key Stages 1 and 2 children (Nursery to Year 6). Our Year 7 and 8 children follow the Key Stage 3 English National Curriculum in a secondary school manner, however all opportunities to meaningfully link subject areas are fully maximised.

It is important to know that the creative curriculum is taught in thousands of schools in England, with great success and praise. In the past 10 years, hundreds of leading international schools have also taught a creative curriculum. In both primary and secondary age groups, where a creative curriculum is taught, standards are high.

The provision at MBIS has been highly praised by the UK Independent Schools Inspectorate (2016). Their report stated that:

"At every stage older children show high levels of knowledge and understanding and very well-developed skills...all of this is undertaken with enjoyment and with a thirst for learning."

"Creativity throughout the school is excellent."



Children’s welfare is at the heart of Maadi British International School. Our small class sizes and caring staff ensure that every child’s happiness and security is achieved.

Our values driven approach to education ensures a close, mutually supportive learning environment. In Lower and Middle School, the children’s class teacher is always there for them; in Upper School the children have a Form Tutor who also acts as a Mentor – ready to support academically and pastorally. Throughout the year groups there are high expectations of behaviour – the children are taught to respect traditional ideals in a modern world. A very special atmosphere is found at our school. The quality of relationships is simply first class!

"Relationships are excellent at all levels, resulting in an inclusive, tolerant community in which children are extremely happy"

"Excellent attention is paid to safeguarding children and promoting their health and wellbeing" - ISI Inspection Report 2016


The school occupies a purpose built site in an attractive, quiet area of the city of Cairo. The campus represents a unique blend of modern and Arabic architecture across three main buildings. Light, airy and spacious, MBIS offers a learning oasis to our children.


Modern facilities include:

A large, two floor auditorium

An indoor, heated swimming pool

Astroturf playing field

Two multi-purpose PE courts

Athletics track

Well-equipped rooms for Art, Design Technology, Cookery and a Science Laboratory

Two ICT suites (Apple and Windows)

Two music rooms with a full range of instruments and Apple computers

Individual music tuition rooms

Drama Studio

Interactive whiteboards in all classrooms

Large library

Study Centre for Upper School children


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