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Ethos International School

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01028966660 , 01028966663


20/6 behind Royal City Compound, Sheikh Zayed City, Egypt. Show On Map

Ethos International School

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School number

01028966660 , 01028966663
20/6 behind Royal City Compound, Sheikh Zayed City, Egypt. Show On Map

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School fees
Igcse kindergarten Kg-1
70000 EGP
Igcse kindergarten Kg-2
70000 EGP
Igcse Primary School 1st Grade
88000 EGP
Igcse Primary School 2nd Grade
88000 EGP
Igcse Primary School 3rd Grade
88000 EGP
Igcse Primary School 4th Grade
88000 EGP
Igcse Primary School 5th Grade
88000 EGP
Igcse Primary School 6th Grade
88000 EGP
Igcse Middle School 1st Grade
90000 EGP
Igcse Middle School 2nd Grade
90000 EGP
Igcse Middle School 3rd Grade
90000 EGP

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about Ethos International School

In 2010, Ethos for Educational Services management team established Rukan, a preschool facility that was located in Sheikh Zayed City. The main philosophy of this establishment at the time was to create a caring and nurturing environment to help develop children holistically.

After thorough consideration of the market needs and with our loyal parents’ support, we established Ethos International School (EIS) in January 2014. EIS is funded by an investment company managed by Ethos for Educational Services and aims to provide a British education merging high educational standards with an ethical base and a clear

We started our first academic year in September 2014 on the Rukan campus. Now, with our persistence and motivation, the first phase of the EIS building is complete and by 2020, the entire school premises will be complete.  

We are a private international school in Egypt offering a first class British education.  Our main aim is to offer future generations a holistic education that provides development opportunities, intellectual exposure and varied experiences, while maintaining and supporting healthy social norms. Established in 2015, the school occupies 2.5 acres of land in Sheikh Zayed City with a green, environmentally friendly campus. Once completed, the campus will contain a total of 56 classes with a maximum of 25 pupils per class.

Additionally, the school campus will offer a swimming pool, a squash court, a football court and a multi-purpose basketball court. Apart from the classrooms, the campus holds a library, computer lab, music room and art room.


EIS is committed to GREEN

• The campus is built on non-agricultural desert land.

• All classrooms have been built facing the North, which allows for maximum natural lighting and ventilation.

• Wide windows allow maximum natural lighting and ventilation.

• All windows are double glazed to minimize noise pollution and thermal exchange.

• All lighting systems use LED units to reduce electric energy consumption.

• Fifty percent of the school’s electricity is generated by solar energy.

• All water used for flushing tanks and watering plants is recycled water.

• All faucets are sensor enabled.

• All drinkable water is filtered.

• Playground areas are equipped with artificial turf to reduce water consumption.

• All trees, flowers, bushes and shrubs planted on campus will produce fruits and/or pleasant aromas.



To be a vibrant educational institution aspiring to develop ethical individuals who are knowledgeable, skillful with deep-rooted identity.


Mission Statement

To be A vibrant deep-rooted educational institution which empowers minds and builds ethical characters while preserving identity through;

Offering an engaging curriculum that accounts different learning styles and creates lifelong learners.

Attracting and retaining a highly competent workforce, that is highly trained and effectively monitored.

Creating, maintaining and developing the facilities needed to offer our programme.



Professionalism Showing the skill,good judgment, and politebehavior that is expected from a person who is trained to do a job well.

Integrity Being honest and adhering to strong moral and ethical principles.

Continuous Improvement Ongoing effort to continuous improvement of the quality of our service.

Commitment Dedication, engagement andobligation to the education of each child.

Responsibility Assuming the responsibility that every child learns and has the knowledge and skills to become a productive member of society.




Classified by the Dewey Decimal System, our libraries cover significant space and include all genres of books. Our pupils have the liberty to choose books either for leisure or academic use.


Science Labs

Science laboratories are state of the art and are equipped with science equipment, internet, and projectors for all Key Stage pupils; they are also monitored by full-time technicians to ensure safety.



The school provides a well-equipped clinic for all pupils. The school doctor and nurses have relevant experience and cater to pupils with injuries or illnesses and keep medical files.


Football and Other Courts

Our Physical Education curriculum offers a wide range of sport activities, using our Football field and our multi-purpose, hard surface court. Pupils are also encouraged to take part in school teams and compete in school tournaments. School courts are used extensively during the school day and for after-school activities.                                                                                                                                                     



An indoor pool will enable many sports opportunities to be enjoyed throughout the year, regardless of adverse weather conditions. We are keen to help children learn the basic fundamentals of swimming during PE class and assure parents that their children are having a safe aquatic experience.



Our versatile and flexible theatre hosts events, from drama workshops to productions and quizzes. It is designated to the development and creativity of our pupils, where they can produce, direct and act and create unforgettable drama productions.


Prayer Room and Multi-faith Room

Designated areas for students who wish to pray during break times.


Computer Lab

With full-time operating internet connectivity, our Computer lab is designed to support our pupils' interactive learning through access to online workbooks and worksheets. The school system will be operated by our IT technicians and support facilities. 


Squash Court

Encouraging students to excel at squash in the school glass backed court, which is also used during Physical Education classes.



We believe that the quality of food highly affects a child's behaviour, performance and learning ability, consequently the offerings of the school cafeteria promote health and proper nutrition.



Our school playgrounds are designed with respect to physical ability, age and developmental appropriateness, and sensory-stimulating activity to provide a safe environment for a play setting.




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