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Last Update 2019-11-19
Tafakkur & Ebdaa Academy

Tafakkur & Ebdaa Academy


01001355959 - 01159647072
10 Ain Ghalout St. from Abbas El Akkad - Genena Mall - Nasr City Nasr City,, Cairo Show On Map

About Tafakkur & Ebdaa Academy

Academy of thinking and creativity model nursery educational moral moral behavior memorization of the Koran and Islamic culture Reading program of the Koran (read and upgrade and frame (building methods of personality) Thinking with Anos - a vision of psychological assets ... (Address ..... Development of mental skills Our distinctive program of values And the behavior modification of the age of 2 to "16 - the program of the development of intelligence and mental abilities from age 3 to ........ - Summer and winter activities - a special scout activity and trips and camps Cell - Rehabilitation of the school (English -Arabic-Math) - Math program featured SD math _Finger math - workshops and development of different skills for all ages - educational courses and Development of the university for mothers and teachers - Specialized family and educational counseling. Why Choose Us We understands every child’s need to develop and give them love and respect with lots of fun with learning. If you are looking for preschools, kindergartens or nursery schools we are one of the leading Kindergartens in Nasr City. Tafakkur and Ebdaa Academy is Model Nursery, Educational, Creativity, Behavior and Ethical; follows the Montessori approach and “Let’s Contemplate with Annoos” program an educational, creative and reflective curriculum whose aim is to build and develop the creative moral character that is able to contribute its part to human civilization by achieving the integrative development, i.e. spiritual, mental and behavioral development; and so many special educational program and methods; Science, math, robotics and others; Memorizing Quran and Hadith; scouting activities, and we're unique in the mini-gym program which aims to modify behavior and build personality. We offer a well ordered and beautiful environment full of many interests activities and arts to learning with fun; we therefore work in partnership with parents to ensure a consistent approach with all our children; also we provide courses to you and for all mums in educational guidance, positive education and self-management. Looking forward to hearing from you.