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Last Update 2019-11-19
Our family nursery

Our family nursery


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17 Misr Lel Taamir Buildings - Flat 2 - 6th Area El Nozha - Sheraton - Heliopolis - , Cairo Show On Map

About Our family nursery

The formation of a generation that has moral and educational foundations and the ability to independence and self-reliance and a sufficient amount of academic and cognitive information and the consolidation of memories of an enjoyable and distinct childhood with us Our goal is human development of the child through: * Memorizing the Holy Quran * Ethical educational curriculum * Program to prevent learning difficulties * Program to learn to read and write * A talent discovery and development program * Learning by playing and psychodrama * Program to modify behavior * Self-care program * Awareness seminars for parents * Language development program to address the problems of Baby Talk * Provide a daily report on the child * Healthy and complementary meals for the child * Summer activities (swimming pool - trips - parties - Sports activity with a specialist captain - artistic activities) * Holding birthdays for our children in custody * Various art activities (Art - Cooking - Puppet Show) * Pay attention to religious and national events and create The right elements to celebrate our children in the nursery Such as teaching them the rituals of Hajj (shown from Through pictures on our page) - and Ramadan and the birth Prophetic, New Year, Hijri, and Gregorian Mother and others * There is our delivery service * We accept children from the age of 3 months