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Last Update 2019-11-19
lads n lasses Nursery

lads n lasses Nursery


0226435935 - 01285586335
3 Koum Ombo Heliopolis St. Heliopolis Heliopolis, Cairo Show On Map

About lads n lasses Nursery

Lads n' Lasses is an American nursery in Heliopolis, Cairo. We provide services for children from three months to five years. We provide a clean and safe environment for your child while specializing in the early childhood education your child needs!At Lads n’ Lasses we specialize in helping children explore, learn, and grow in ways that prepare them for future success. We have an individual plan for each child as we guide your child to develop a strong character, exhibit empathy for others and take responsibility towards society in which they live. Children are honored for who they are, where they begin and how far they go. Their journey is our challenge, as we are responsible for their introduction to formal education. Each year is used as a building block to the next. A special message from Miss Magda, the director of Lads N' Lasses: My Passion has been woven with the love and care for my nursery. If I could give any piece of advice it would be to treasure childhood, it's a journey, not a race. Each child meets the world with trusting and outstretched hands. It's the trust that we place in Lads N' Lasses that drives us to find the right individual place for each child we touch and have an impact on their lives. Your child's excitement allows us to never stop our quest in bringing him or her to reach a higher place in our world. At Lad’s n’ Lasses we use five areas of focus in order to provide your child with endless opportunities to learn and grow. The first of these five areas is “communicating with others”, we will help your children improve important language skills, both in Arabic and English. We accomplish this by using daily journal activities to practice writing skills by connecting sounds to letters through pictures and words. We teach basic sight words using fun and engaging ways, such as games, puzzles and books, to speed up your child’s language skills. We have a complete American program that is applied with the help of qualified well trained American teachers. The second area is “cognitive”, which is where we prepare your child to reason and analyze by creating different situations that require them to get engaged with problem solving. They will also learn how to assort different items according to their size, color and length. We encourage the use of senses to explore and ask many questions that help the children engage in logical thinking. In addition to this, we help children understand the concept of time and the event sequences such as first, next and last. Our third area is “making new friends” which is where we provide opportunities for your child to practice social and emotional skills. We have group discussions in order to practice sharing ideas, thoughts and feelings. Teachers will provide opportunities to cooperate, negotiate, problem solve, and make independent choices. “Nurturing creativity" is our fourth area, which we provide numerous opportunities to represent ideas through drawing and writing, inventing unique dance moves and expressing independent thinking and expression through art and music. Our last area is “growing a healthy body”, where we help your child strengthen physical abilities, such as refining fine motor skills through the use of scissors, stencils, lacing cards, and drawing tools. We also promote strong muscle development with courses such as moving with music using riding toys, building blocks, balancing activities, bikes, and encouraging the development of spatial awareness.