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Last Update 2019-11-19
Koala Nursery

Koala Nursery


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Villa, 19 In Front Of El Qods Mosque 4th District, 5th Compound Fifth Settlement - New Cairo - , Cairo Show On Map

About Koala Nursery

A2Z nursery from 7am to 7pm - Friday and Saturday for free - after our success for over 50 years and are still full - open the door to our children to join our family - we offer your child: - Sponsorship programs monthly "full day - half day. Daily care programs. - Teaching the child through the Mentosuri approach - Building the child through the curriculum to modify the behavior of specialist - Teaching the child academically through the American curriculum "Ican" - Courses reading and writing in Arabic and English - Three healthy meals - Various activities to develop the mind and abilities of your child - Principles Account and science through specialized international encyclopedias - a team working on the highest standards of professional - programs to assist the father and mother in human development and self development - visit us to see the place on the nature of the fifth gathering - - We welcome children from 1 month to 10 years old - We use the latest educational methods and methods suitable for the age of the child. - Qualify the child to enter the tests of all private and international schools. - We have cadres at the highest level of specialization. - Craft in dealing with children because we use the latest methods was the system Almontosori have a lot of us in the development of children's skills and preparation and writing readiness - As we care about the educational and health aspect, we should care about strengthening the health behaviors of the child. - We have a school specialized in behavioral modification for children using scientific methods - We offer daily communication sessions and meals that contain all the necessary nutrients to grow healthy and healthy - Finally our motto Yes we care is not a slogan but a reality that applies in all our steps - The nursery also has an evening period of up to 12h00 pm