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Last Update 2019-11-19
Kidventure nursery& preschool

Kidventure nursery& preschool


0227041503 - 01272088838
33 270 St. - in front of GPCO Petroleum Company Maadi, New Maadi, Cairo Show On Map

About Kidventure nursery& preschool

About KidVenture We welcome children from 07:30 to 04:00 and an additional time to 5 We welcome children from 1 month to 5 years old From 1 month to 18 months (Baby Class) From one and a half to two years (Toddlers) From 2 years to 3 years (Junior) From 3 years old to school (Preschool) Yes we care Quran: - A weekly specialized portfolio and daily follow up of the teacher. Educational aspect: - We use the latest educational methods and methods appropriate for the age of the child. We qualify the child to enter the tests of all private and international schools. Cadres: - We have cadres of the highest level of specialization and craftsmanship in dealing with children. Art: - Because we address all aspects of the child, we are keen to be completed by artistic creativity twice a week. Music: - We have a specialized school weekly to complete the construction of the child's personality. Montessori: - Because we use the latest educational methods Montessori system has a large share with us in the development of children's skills in the preparation of writing and focus on a daily basis. Medical Care: - We must make sure that our children are healthy by a specialist doctor every week and a special file for each child. Outdoor play area: - It is very important for a child to play freely and be exposed to the sun's rays. Party time: - It is one of the best times for the child so we were keen to have with us every month a special party and it is important that the child to share his friends on his birthday with us can the child to celebrate the birthday party with the participation of friends and should not forget the special trips by the nursery. The story: - is one of the most important things that affected the child so we were keen to provide the story and that the child champion of its heroes. Teaching Ethics: - As we care about the educational and health aspect, we should care about the correct behaviors of the child. Modification of Behavior: - We have a school specialized in the modification of negative behavior in children using specialized scientific methods. Communication: - We provide speech sessions for children by a speech therapist if the child needs it. Meals: - We provide three meals daily containing all the nutrients necessary for the development of the child healthy and healthy. Finally, our slogan, yes, we care is not a slogan but a reality that we apply in all our steps