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Last Update 2019-11-19
Kids Paradise Nursery 2

Kids Paradise Nursery 2


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5 Mohamed El Zomor St. from Gesr El Suez in front of the Blind House by Abdulaziz Fahmy - Heliopolis - Cairo Gesr El Suez - Heliopolis - , Cairo Show On Map

About Kids Paradise Nursery 2

We care about our children and care for them and their health and we are interested in teaching the Arabic language and teaching the Holy Quran. The most important of what we offer: Memorizing the Quran in Tajweed. Teaching prayer and purity and pillars of Islam and literature in Islam. English teaching by specialists. Teaching French language. Teaching the Montessori curriculum is one of the most important approaches that help the child to acquire skills and exploit the five senses and build an independent personality and self-reliance and stimulate memory. Computer education and summer courses for students during the academic year.   The most important activities in the nursery: Drawing - music - gymnastics - intellectual development - development of talents and abilities - communication - sensory development - garden equipped - educational DVD room - etiquette behaviors. Main Features: Kindergarten accepts children from 3 months to 5 years. Nursery times are from 7 am to 4 pm. We have daily hosting until 6:30 pm. There is an after-school hosting. We have hosting on Saturday. The nursery offers 4 meals. A private bus is available for delivery. The nursery organizes recreational trips for children and organizes parties in the nursery for all occasions, holidays and children's birthdays. Periodic medical follow-up. Mobile App for easy communication between the nursery and parents Send a daily and monthly report on the activities and skills acquired by the child.