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Last Update 2019-11-19
Kids Home Academy

Kids Home Academy


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Al Zomor Canal Road - behind Medical Clinic Ard El Lewa - Mohandeseen, Giza Show On Map

About Kids Home Academy

If you want your child to grow in his abilities and intelligence, there are activities that lead mainly to the development of the child's intelligence and help him to scientific thinking organized and the speed of acumen and ability to innovate, The most prominent of these activities are: A) Play: Games develop the creative abilities of our children .. For example games to develop imagination, and focus attention and reasoning and reasoning and caution and surprise and find alternatives to multiple virtual situations, which helps them to develop their intelligence. The children who love imaginative play are highly intelligent, have a high degree of intelligence, language ability and social harmony, and have excellent creative abilities. Therefore, children should be encouraged to play this type of play. The popular games are also important in the development and activation of the child's intelligence, because it satisfies the psychosocial and social desires of the child, and because of his repeated cooperation and teamwork, and that he activates his mental abilities by the vigilance and the thinking required by such games .. Li like this. B) Stories and science fiction books: The development of scientific thinking in the child is an important indicator of intelligence and development, and the scientific book helps to develop this intelligence, it leads to the provision of scientific thinking organized in the child's mind, and thus helps to develop intelligence and innovation, and develop the capacity of the child. - The scientific book of the child of the school can address the many scientific concepts required by childhood, and can stimulate the child to scientific thinking and to undertake his own scientific experiments simple, and the scientific book is a way to taste the child some scientific concepts and methods of thinking right and sound, This child develops the child's positive attitudes toward science and scientists and plays an important role in the development of the child's intelligence, if presented well, so that the output is good with literary taste, drawing and beautiful output, and this adds some kind of sensitivity in the child to taste sentences for things, Remember , Which is the capacity of mental capacity.