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Last Update 2019-11-19
International Montsoury House

International Montsoury House


22701531 - 01111755906
55 Kabol St. Off Makram Ebaid St. Nasr City 8th District - Nasr City, Cairo Show On Map

About International Montsoury House

Montessori is teaching children pre-school materials in an easy and innovative way with safe tools to reach the child quickly Daily life skills - Sensory Skills - Maths - Language (English and Arabic - Sciences - Geographically - Date - : What is taught Life skills - (Doors, Azarir, enzymes, table arrangement, rooms, shear, washing the floors, let the ground, synagogues, glass melts, ..) Sensory Skills - (..., colors, weights, lengths, sizes, sensibilities) Mathematics - (Figures, geometric shapes, geometric figures, computations, decimal numbers, fractions, multiplication tables English - (letters, rhymes, opposites, emotions, stories, verbs, animals, birds, ..) Arabic - (Characters, words, actions, fruits, shapes, colors, stories) Science (Insects, earth sciences, plant parts, flower parts, reptiles, human body parts, birds, buoyancy, displacement, etc.) Geography - (Components of the Earth, continents, initial terms in geography, ..) History - (The days of the week, the days of the year, the seasons of the year, the history of some continents and the times passed by, ..)