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Last Update 2019-11-19
International Baby Academy

International Baby Academy


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Villa 4 Essmat Mansour St - off Mohamed Miqled St - behind Ragab Sons - Mostafa Al Nahas 8th District - Nasr City - , Cairo Show On Map

About International Baby Academy

International Academy of Children Internatiinal baby academy After studies and research proved that the success of man in his scientific and practical life depends entirely on the first five years of age and called the golden years, so we began to operate a new system developed on several parallel axes all lead to the development of skills and intelligence of the child start From infants until pre-school age through a dedicated curriculum, the Ship H program, which balances the seven axes that concern the human being: 1 - Head 2 - Heart 3 - Hand 4 - Health 5 - Home 6 - Happiness 7- Harmony Nursery International Accepted from 3 months to 5 years and on vacations where it is a cultural entertainment program Sports for children up to 14 years make the vacation unique pleasure can not forget with the provision of safety component of the child and includes an educational aspect by acquiring skills and visit places and an entertaining side by doing sports activities (swimming - Karate - football - gymnastics and aerobics - scouting) The language is in a proper manner with the latest international books and Egyptian teachers on the highest level of experience with memorizing the Holy Quran with mental maps, provided by the classes for communication and skills development. A comprehensive educational program is developed for each child, fully air conditioned, surveillance cameras, three healthy meals, Monthly medical care weekly bus to deliver the possibility of hosting until 9 pm and Fridays and Saturdays