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Last Update 2019-11-19
iKids Academy

iKids Academy


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Villa 1265 - 37 St off 29 St - 3rd District - 6th Neighborhood - Mehwar Al Kafrawy October - , Giza Show On Map

About iKids Academy

The first specialized nursery for the development of the skills of children and people with disabilities, behavior modification and speech and speech problems We help your child enjoy a normal life :) Draw the smile on their faces again :) Let the world laugh for you :) • Now Kids is the only nursery in 6th of October City accredited by the Ministry of Education for Special Needs and Special Education. And that your child qualifies for the equivalent grade of peers from ordinary children. • The first fully equipped nursery in 6th of October city specialized in developing the skills of children and people with special needs, behavioral modification, speech problems (fatigue, bites, speech delay, language delay), learning difficulties, Attention and hearing impairment and cerebral palsy. • There is an internal section for full hosting for children with special needs. • Our goal is to draw the smile on the faces of these children and their parents. • Spectacular results in children's response, social interaction and behavior modification. • There are evening sessions and evening skills development. • Hydrotherapy sessions at the hands of a trained rehabilitation specialist to deal with people with special needs. • In addition to the programs of diet, fitness and public health for people with special needs. • Follow up with Dr. Nervous and Nervous Doctor. • A room equipped to develop the senses of children with communication problems. • Family guidance, detailed daily and monthly reports and meetings with parents on a regular basis. • Intelligence tests and evaluation of all cases before starting the treatment program. • Door to door transfers outside and within 6th of October city with supervision. • Travel and entertainment for all ages is fully sponsored.