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Last Update 2019-11-19
i-Class Academy

i-Class Academy


5913561 - 01023444431 - 01222875545 - 01111102733
3 Ramadan Youssef St. El Ibrahimeya, Alexandria Show On Map

About i-Class Academy

Alexandria's newest and finest nurseries, which adopt the best and latest methods and methods of education through the "play and learn" method. About the nursery: - Academic curricula include Arabic, English, Quran, social and cultural sciences, skills development, talent discovery and others. All through the latest educational methods and teaching methods that are based on the idea of ​​"play and learn" and through the method of Montessori for education as well as using mental maps that represent the latest methods of creative education. - The Academy pays special attention to observing the behavior of children and to modify and evaluate behavior when needed, especially those behaviors that parents of children complain about. Through the existence of behavioral modification specialists permanently in the Academy. - The Academy will have only a relatively small number of children, so that it can give each child sufficient attention and full care and create a family atmosphere for him as if he were at home completely. - Nursery is very keen to provide an atmosphere of fun and joy and entertainment for children, through innovative approaches and interesting devices, in addition to concerts and fun times. - Nursery provides medical care for children, through periodic detection. As well as providing immediate medical intervention when needed. - The nursery provides periodic follow-up reports for each child separately and in complete confidentiality and discussed with parents if necessary. As well as follow-up reports of general monitoring of nursery activities, and publishing these reports in writing or visible on the nursery page on Facebook. - The nursery administration is interested in communicating with parents through regular meetings and internal bulletin boards.