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Last Update 2019-11-19
Habaibna Academy

Habaibna Academy


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Beside El Ghandour Hospital 10th Of Ramadan, El Sharkeya Show On Map

About Habaibna Academy

Habibna Academy was the first spark on the tenth of Ramadan in adopting the idea of ​​education in fun and play Where the academy adopts a very modern style and developed in the management of the nursery and the selection and design of its curricula .... It is based primarily on that children aged 1.5 to 5 years of age need continuous play without tireless or bored, and that the weighting of children at such an early age As much of the information as do most of the role of nurseries may cause the child to delve between him and his creativity and imagination because of his intense conservation and memorization of the work of the academic duty, which may cause the neglect of the most important step and stage in the life of man to form his imagination and creativity and intellectual abilities The academy relies on the design of its curricula to learn fun and play The child will return to his home and is waiting to return again the second day to the nursery because he thinks he goes to a playground or a place dedicated to play and entertainment only While the teachers and the nursery through the curricula of the subject of the utmost care and exercise and teach them all the skills required and known and non - recognized in most nurseries that deal with children in such a sensitive and paradox in the life of the child. The functions of the right lobe will be activated from the child's brain, which represents the first and primary responsible for the skills of imagination, creativity, taste and art (within a legitimate and healthy context) The focus will be on developing, improving and demonstrating the child's logic functions and the ability to discriminate ... The child's spirit of fun will be raised to increase the positive energy which will be directed positively through the team to positive activities that serve his behavior which will reflect on his environment And the community around him, which makes the child an effective and effective agent and even transformer of his own environment (may be grown adults themselves) in a wonderful civilized way, which makes the child is the one who controls his way and his future The child will learn how to set goals and plan them in an organized and innovative way. There is no doubt that the ability to creativity, imagination and perception are key elements in the process of innovation and development .... And upgrading so will be over-emphasis on these skills, as we believe that they are formed significantly at this age However, it is very important that these abilities are properly controlled and directed in a positive and appropriate manner in line with Islamic teachings. This will be done, God willing, by linking the child to his Lord, His Messenger and the teachings of his religion in a loving, simple and calm manner through continuous and consistent exercises in a coordinated and consistent manner. Follow the house thanks to God's approach is sound and effective and new and developed and updated first-hand It comes down to detailing the needs of children already in the house. Our goal is to train and graduate from an active, developed and creative person contributing to the achievement of scientific, cultural and Islamic renaissance that brings about an economic revival and an advanced international position. And that through the development and modernization of scientific and educational curricula to precede the American and European curricula and to maintain that priority and that the distance in the lead all the time to create a creative child creative creative We hope that God will succeed and repay and help us to complete the process of development and education for the Egyptian and Arab society to raise it effectively and hopefully .... To get an Arab Muslim child carrying the slogan of the Renaissance in the next stage to raise the banner of Islam and peace in the outskirts of the earth and the majority of God.