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Last Update 2019-11-19
Genius Child Academy

Genius Child Academy


16 Borj Al-Madina - Mohamed HassanSt Faisal, Giza Show On Map

About Genius Child Academy

Our educational program is taught through fun and play with some of the best teachers We prepare the child and qualify him to accept language schools We always strive to develop the child fully physically and intellectually Socially and socially, through the following activities: The Holy Quran Prophetic traditions and biography The Arabic Language "Nour Al Bayan" Mathematics draw Computer Follow up the child and evaluate the behavior and send a report of the house weekly Distinctive behavior To teach the child the best behavior to deal with at home, at school, in the street, ..... Drawing, artwork, coloring, clay and educational songs Educational and recreational games Memory develops and nurtures the imagination of language development Educational games Games distinguish, classification and comparison, To develop logical thinking Group games, trips, parties To get used to group life, and to the work of the group Children's Cinema To display interesting educational, educational and religious programs And show cartoons and songs beloved children Our programs are a purposeful organization for the rehabilitation of children to join all Arab schools and languages Our Programs Religious-educational-recreational-cultural - development skills - correct speech and many surprises Reception of children with special needs (Speech - autism - delayed speech) Reception of primary children in the evening to perform duties and help the child in his lessons in all materials Special summer activity and memorization of a marriage for children and adults Business and manual courses Such as crocheting, knitting, embroidery, limestone, agor accessories, painting on glass, stained glass and ceramic dough